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We can now synchronize Outlook & Android without a 3rd party app or Exchange Server!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by RazzMaTazz, May 16, 2011.

  1. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Hallelujah! For Android version 2.2 or newer, we no longer need 3rd party software or an Exchange Server to synchronize contacts and/or calendar items with Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail programs (which I'll collectively refer to here as "Outlook").

    Hotmail, MSN Mail, Microsoft Live Mail, & Outlook.com (which collectively I'll refer to as "Hotmail") now enable synchronization between Outlook and Android's standard, built-in apps for contacts (a.k.a. "people"), calendar, and email through Android's built-in ActiveSync functionality. And you don't even need to use Hotmail for email. If you're not familiar with Hotmail, it's Microsoft's free webmail service, which is similar to Gmail or Yahoo Mail except that Hotmail contacts & calendars integrate & synchronize nicely with Outlook. You simply need to do the following:
    1) For Outlook users (not Windows Live Mail users) on your PC, install Microsoft's free Outlook add-in called "Outlook Hotmail Connector" (which enables Outlook to syncrhonize with Hotmail).
    2) Add a free Hotmail account to Outlook 2010, or add it to Outlook 2003/2007, or add it to Windows Live Mail. Be sure to add it as a MAPI account, not as a POP or IMAP account. The Hotmail account with new folders for contacts & calendar will appear on the left-side Navigation Pane of Outlook below your current email accounts. In order to see it you should have the Navigation Pane turned on, and you should be in the "Folder List View" (Ctrl+6).
    3) Copy & paste (or import) your contacts & calendar to those new folders in Outlook. (See instructions below under the headers, "To migrate..." and "To move...")
    4) Add your Hotmail account to your phone by going into your email app, hitting the settings button, and selecting "Add Account" (or something similar). Then:
    ---A) Select "Corporate" (even though it's not technically corporate).
    ---B) Enter your Hotmail email address and password.
    ---C) Domain\Username: Clear it out and enter your full Hotmail address.
    ---D) Password: Enter your Hotmail password.
    ---E) Server: s.outlook.com.
    ---F) Check SSL boxes and hit "Next".
    ---G) Choose/checkmark the desired sync categories, like email, contacts, & calendar.
    ---H) Enter your desired in-box name (which is how Android will label it in your list of in-boxes).

    That's really all there is to it. But following is a detailed explanation of some key points and answers to many of the questions that have been asked on this thread.

    You do not need to use Hotmail for email and you don't need to use the Hotmail app. You can still use Gmail (or whatever POP or IMAP email service you prefer) as your primary email account on Outlook and on your Android device. You can choose whether or not to sync and/or view Hotmail as an additional email account, or as your primary email account, or not at all. (See below.) Many of us use Hotmail primarily to sync our contacts & calendar while using Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. for our primary email accounts.

    All of your Outlook/Hotmail contacts will appear in a "contacts" folder on the left-side Navigation Pane of Outlook, under your Hotmail account, and will automatically appear inside the standard built-in Android app for contacts, along with any Gmail contacts, if you like. But at any time, you can simply change the ActiveSync settings on your Android device for each Hotmail and Gmail account to choose whether you want to sync the contacts in each of those accounts. (To do so, open the Android Contacts app, press the settings button, select "Accounts", and then tap each account to toggle sync on/off.) You can use your Hotmail-based contacts to make phone calls, send emails (from whichever email account you choose), get turn-by-turn directions, etc, just like you would with a Gmail-based "Google Contact".

    All of your Outlook/Hotmail calendar items will appear in a calendar on the left-side Navigation Pane of Outlook, under your Hotmail account, and will automatically appear inside the standard built-in Android calendar app along with any Gmail calendar items, if you like. (The items will be color-coded by account.) But at any time, you can simply change the ActiveSync settings on your Android device for each Hotmail and Gmail account to choose whether you want to sync and/or view the calendar items in each of those accounts. (To do so, open the Android calendar app, press the settings button, select "More", then "Calendars", and then tap each account to cycle through the option of synced/visible, synced/not-visible, or not-synced/not-visible.)

    All of your Outlook/Hotmail email items will appear in folders (inbox, draft, sent, etc.) on the left-side Navigation Pane of Outlook, under your Hotmail account, and automatically appear inside the standard built-in Android "Email" app along with any Gmail email items, in a "merged" inbox if you like. (The emails will be color-coded by account.) Or you can choose to view the inbox for each account separately. (To do so, open the Android Email app, press the settings button, then select "Accounts" and make your selection of which inbox to view.) Or at any time, you can simply change the ActiveSync settings on your Android device for each Hotmail and Gmail account to choose whether you want to even sync the email items in each of those accounts. (From the home screen, press the settings button, select "Settings", then "Accounts & sync", and make your selections for each account. Under "Email check frequency" select "Never" if you don't want to sync Hotmail email.)

    So for example: On your Android devices you could choose to sync both your Hotmail email and Gmail IMAP email. You could choose make your Gmail account your default inbox (but you can also easily check your Hotmail inbox anytime you like, and you can send mail from either account). And you could choose to view and sync the contacts and calendar for a Hotmail account (but not to sync contacts and calendar with Gmail). Then your email, contacts, and calendar items would be perfectly syncrhonized between all of your Outlook-PCs and all of your Android devices. (This example is how I synchronize my desktop PC, laptop PC, and Android phone.)

    Bonus points:
    Synchronization is done over any Internet connection (cellular-data, WiFi, or wired).

    The synchronization can be set up to syncrhonize automatically (push new stuff), manually, or on a timed basis (like once per day or once per hour).

    Your contacts and calendar will also be available through Hotmail's (password-protected) web interface, from any device with web browsing capability, just like Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

    If you have multiple PCs running Outlook, your contacts, calendar, and Hotmail can be synchronized across all of your PCs (as well as multiple Android devices) through Hotmail.

    If you use this method to synchronize your contacts, your contacts will appear on your phone in your contacts folder like normal, but if you open a contact to edit it, you will notice that it is designated as a "Corporate Contact" (which is a misnomer) rather than a "Google Contact" and those contacts will be out of reach from very scary Google. (But of course, then Microsoft will have access to them... which you may or may not find as scary.)

    No third party software app is needed on your phone or your PC.

    You need to install an Outlook add-in called Outlook Hotmail Connector (which is a free download from Microsoft that enables Outlook to syncrhonize with Hotmail).

    You must keep your Outlook contacts and calendar events in the default contacts and calendar folders of your Hotmail account on Outlook.

    Your Hotmail contact, calendar, & email items will not be synchronized with Gmail (which is arguably a good thing if you don't trust Google with your contact information).

    Your phone's built-in voice dialer will work with the Hotmail contacts, but "Google Voice Search" will not recognize those contacts (unless you also keep those contacts on the Gmail servers). That's because "Google Voice Search" searches through the contacts on the Gmail servers, not the contacts on your phone. If you want to use Google Voice Search on your contacts, you could occassionally export your Outlook/Hotmail contacts to a CSV file, and then import the CSV file into Gmail contacts or periodically upload through Go Contacts Sync Mod one-way from Outlook to Gmail (but not necessarily sync them with your Android device).

    Although Outlook supports multiple contacts folders and subfolders for each email account, Hotmail only supports a single contact folder. If you want to maintain and synchronize multiple separate contacts folders on Outlook & on your Android devices, then you must create multiple Hotmail accounts and add them to Outlook and the Email app on your Android devices.

    Although Outlook and Hotmail support multiple calendars, only the default calendar will be syncrhonized with Android. If you want to maintain multiple calendars on Outlook, then you must create multiple Hotmail accounts and add them to Outlook and the Email app on your Android devices. Alternatively, you can use the Hotmail app.

    Each field in Hotmail (like Name, Company Name, Street Address, Notes, etc.) has a maximum number characters that can be synchronized with the Hotmail servers. The specific limits for each field vary, but based on information from Microsoft's website, it seems that: most name fields are limited to 40 characters, street address fields are limited to 256 characters, company names and titles are limited to 120 characters, and the notes field is limited to 1024 characters. You can have more characters than that in the Outlook contact on your PC, but the data will be truncated on Hotmail the server and on the Android device, so you should probably try to stay within those limits. If, on Outlook, you try to copy or create a Hotmail contact that exceeds the maximum character limit, you will be warned and asked to confirm that you are willing to truncate the data on the Hotmail server. When you create a Hotmail contact from your phone, your phone won't let you type more than the maximum number of characters for a given field.

    At this point, contact photos are not synchronized, though you can input photos on Outlook and on Android.

    Not all of Outlook's other fields are synchronized with the phone because (I think) Android doesn't have such fields to contain them. For example, "Categories" will not be synchronized from Outlook to the phone, but it will remain in Outlook. The list of synchronized fields seems to have grown since I first posted this article. As of 10/5/11...

    Only the following 24 fields synchronize between Outlook & Android through Hotmail:
    First name, Last name, Company, Suffix, Home phone, Home2 phone, Home fax, Business phone, Business2 phone, Business fax, Home fax #, Mobile #, Pager #, Radio #, Email 1, Email 2, Email 3, Office address, Home address, Nickname, Website, IM, Birthday*, & Notes.

    * The birthday field from Outlook displays in the Hotmail/Android contact and on the Hotmail/Android calendar, but you cannot edit the birthday field on the Android device.

    To migrate from Gmail-based contacts to Hotmail-based calendar & contact from Outlook:
    1) Make sure that all of your contacts (from your phone & Gmail) are in an Outlook Contact folder on your PC. (You may wish to back them up for safety.)
    2) Delete all of your Gmail contacts from your Gmail account and your phone (if you don't want duplicates) or change the ActiveSync settings to stop synchronizing contacts with Gmail.
    3) Add a Hotmail account to Outlook.
    4) Copy & paste the contacts from your Outlook contacts folder into to your Hotmail contacts folder. That is, open your old contacts folder, left-click on any contact, then hit Ctrl+A (select all) and Ctrl+C (copy). Then open up your Hotmail contacts folder, left-click anywhere inside of it and hit Ctrl+V (paste).
    5) Add that same Hotmail account to the Email app on your Android device and set up your synchronization preferences.

    To prevent spammers from creating Hotmail accounts for spamming, Hotmail used to have an initial, temporary contact limit of 1500-contacts. However, as of June 2012, it appears that limit may have been extended to 3000 contacts. In either case, it appears (from my research) that Hotmail will increase your limit to 6000 contacts over time (as you prove to them that you're not just a temporary spammer account). Or you can log into your Hotmail account and provide your mobile phone number in the SMS settings. (If you provide your mobile number, and if you add your social networking sites (which is not necessary), then you may want to review your Windows Live/Hotmail profile and remove the checkmarks for "notifications" so that you don't receive update notifications from your social networking sites.) At one point (to thwart spammers) Hotmail only allowed 1000 contacts to be imported at one time. I'm not sure if they've eliminated that restriction. If that restriction is still in place and you have more than 1000 contacts, you'll have to copy them over in multiple tries in groups of less than 1000.

    Also note that, "contact groups" (i.e. email distribution lists) may not be transferred from Outlook/Hotmail to the Hotmail servers or to the phone. So, for example, if you have ten "contact groups" in your Outlook/Hotmail contacts folder, you might notice that you will have ten fewer "contacts" in the Hotmail web interface or on the phone.

    To move your calendar from your Outlook Personal folders calendar to your Hotmail-based calendar:
    1) Right click the icon for your old calendar and select "Copy folder".
    2) In the menu that appears, select the destination Hotmail contacts folder.

    From that point on, stop using the "contacts" folder and "calendar" folder in your "Outlook Data File" on Outlook, and start using the "contacts" folder and "calendar" folder under your Hotmail account (which you'll find on the left-side Navigation Pane of Outlook). Your Outlook/Hotmail contacts & calendar will be synchronized between your Outlook-PCs and your Android devices. You may even want to collapse your "Outlook Data File" so that you don't have to look at it or accidentally use it. The contacts and calendar folders in your Hotmail account (on Outlook and on the web and on your phone) will not synchronize with the contacts folders in your Outlook Data File.

    When creating contacts or calendar events on your Android device, be sure to create them under your Hotmail account (which will appear as an option when you create a new item).

    In Outlook, you may want to go into your "Account Settings" and change your default "Data File" to your Hotmail account. (In Outlook 2010, go to File/Account Settings --> Data File tab, then select your Hotmail account and clicked "Set as default".) That way if you add a contact from within an email or create a draft mail, etc, it will end up in your Hotmail account.

    If you receive email-based calendar invitations in a Gmail account (or any other IMAP or POP account) and you want to be able to accept them to your Hotmail calendar, but you don't want to change your default "Data File" as described in the previous paragraph, then you should probably implement a rule in Outlook for each of those inboxes, whereby you move a copy of such email-calendar-invitations to the Hotmail Inbox, "with specific words in the header" and I set the specific header words to "calendar". If you do so, Outlook will automatically move a copy of calendar invitations from those inboxes to your Hotmail Inbox. Then if you accept the invitation, it appears on the Hotmail calendar. (It's an inelegant workaround, but it works.)

    At last... a good, free, synchronization option for Outlook! Goodbye Gmail Contacts. Hello Outlook/Hotmail.

    P.S. I periodically update this original post to cover questions and feedback contained in the following posts, so please don't feel that you need to read the next several pages of posts in order to get a better understanding. You'll be able to see below when I last edited this post.

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  2. smankins

    smankins Well-Known Member

    This looks like it might be interesting but I had a few questions.
    Do you have to sync over the cellular network? Wouldn't this syncing count against your minutes? Can you just use data connections to sync?
    How would a calendar app on the phone work with this calendar data since it is not using the Google calendar?

    Thanks for the info.
  3. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Synchronization is done over any data connection to the Internet (cellular, WiFi, or wired) so it shouldn't count against voice minutes. It's just data.

    The synchronization works with the built-in standard Android apps for email, calendar, and contacts (a.k.a. "people"). Those apps are not tied to Gmail.
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  4. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    In other words, it's setting up Hotmail via ActiveSync.
  5. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yes. But if I'm not mistaken, Microsoft only recently enabled the synchronization of Hotmail contacts and calendar with Android devices. And as you can see from the question posted above, many people don't understand that the standard, built-in Android apps for email, contacts, and calendar are not tied strictly to Gmail, and can be used with Hotmail. Consequently many Android/Outlook users are relying on one of the 42 third-party synchronization apps which have been developed-- many of which are expensive, don't work well, require software to be loaded on both your PC & your Android device, and require you to go through a lot of hassle. In fact there is an entire website dedicated to evaluating the pros and cons of these 3rd party apps. (I guess that most Android/Outlook users will avoid these 3rd party apps once they learn that all you need to do is add a free Hotmail account!)

    If you search this forum for the word "Outlook" you'll find many, many questions and discussions about how to synchronize Outlook with Android (without an Exchange Server), none of which mention that this new, simple solution of adding a Hotmail account to your standard built-in Android "Email" app (thereby utilizing Android's built-in "ActiveSync"). In fact, when I first got an Android phone around February 2011, I spent many, many hours searching this forum and the rest of the Web, trying to find a good, free (or cheap) Outlook synchronization solution, but I couldn't find one. So I posted this solution for others who may be searching for a good, free Outlook synchronization solution.
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  6. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    MyPhoneExplorer - syncs locally from PC to Android from Outlook. No need to get Hotmail involved. Free.

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  7. smankins

    smankins Well-Known Member

    Thanks to the OP - I might have to try this out soon and see if it works for me.
  8. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    dvhttn: I was using MyPhoneExplorer but I stopped using it because:
    1) It only handled 16 of the most commonly used Outlook contact fields (see list below), therefore much of the contact information doesn't appear on the phone.
    2) When the phone is resynchronized with the PC MyPhoneExplorer overwrites (i.e. effectively deletes) all other less commonly used Outlook fields from the contacts on the PC, and therefore irreparably damages the Outlook contacts on the PC! Examples of fields which are not synchronized, and which will be forever deleted from one's Outlook contacts include Categories, Other address, Business2 phone, Home2 phone, & Assistant's name, but I guess there are more than 100 other such Outlook fields that MyPhoneExplorer destroys.
    3) MyPhoneExplorer is a hassle to use because it requires the user to start an app on the PC, be on the same WiFi/wired network as the PC, and then run the syncrhonization.
    4) MyPhoneExplorer requires the user to load and run software on both the phone and the PC.
    5) MyPhoneExplorer does not enable automatic synchronization of contacts and calendar items between multiple PCs.

    MyPhoneExplorer only syncrhonizes the following 16 Outlook fields.
    1) First name
    2) Last name
    3) Company name
    4) Home phone
    5) Mobile phone
    6) Business phone
    7) Fax
    8) Other phone
    9) Home address
    10 Work address
    11) Email1
    12) Email2
    13) Email3
    14) Web page
    15 Info/Notes
    16) Birthday
  9. Sounding like a dolt but what is the "standard" contacts app? I have an evo and can only find a "People" app.

    I'm thrilled that an end might be in sight for me and my outlook/hotmail/gmail syncing nonsense.
  10. Interesting, thanks for the comprehensive write-up.

    However, if I understand it correctly, you can sync your Hotmail contacts with your phone.

    You can manage your Hotmail contacts inside Outlook, but you cannot sync your Outlook contacts with your phone.

    i.e. for this process to work, you have to move your Outlook contacts into Hotmail only (and so, out of Outlook). So, you are not keeping a local copy of your contacts.

  11. mll

    mll Newbie

    Wrong, as far as I can understand from RazzMaTazz's explanations, which indicate that your Hotmail folder will look like a new PST in your Outlook sidebar. So, you will keep a local copy it seems. But the best is to try foroneself I guess (wich I waill as soon as I find some contiguous available time).
  12. mll

    mll Newbie

    Cool RazzMaTazz, thanks a lot! Will try as soon as I find time.

    One question though: you said that this method won't allow to sync with a google account, unless one goes through the hassle of exporting-importing, which I won't. Does anyone see an easy workaround to this ?
  13. mll

    mll Newbie

    For your information guys :
    The outlook Hotmail has some other limitations : while copying (yes, I don't move them yet, it's just a test) my Outlook contacts to the Hotmail contacts, it complains that some company names are longer than 40 characters and informs that it will truncate it.
    Same for some other field (but it doesn't say which one: it only says "The text", lame) that will be truncated to 1024 characters.
    Same for the First name: 40 chars

    Also, the copying is rather painful, as a popup asks for confirmation whenever these limits are encountered.
  14. I have done some investigating:

    1) It does not create a new .pst file for your Hotmail contacts
    2) It does not add your Hotmail contacts to your outlook.pst
    3) It does keep a locally cached copy of your Hotmail contacts

    1) - I searched for *.pst and *.ost files and found new ones
    2) - Look at properties for your Outlook and Hotmail contacts. Outlook is stored in //outlook, hotmail are stored in //xxx@hotmail.com
    3) - removing web connectivity still allows access to your Hotmail contacts

    I cannot find where the local cache of the Hotmail contacts is. It would be good to know where this is, for backup purposes.

    EDIT: I found it:


    So, there is a local copy and it is in a separate file. Unfortunately:

    a) it is an .ost file, not a .pst, so there is not much you can do with it (and restoring from it will be a hassle)
    b) it seems the location is fixed and not moveable. Anothe hassle if oyu like to store your data in locations other than the defaults.

    So, a mix of news, some good, some not so good
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  15. mll

    mll Newbie

    Other information / limitation :
    I have 1800 contacts in my Outlook Hotmail contacts. Only 1000 of them appear on Hotmail's online contacts.
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  16. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    I'm just a user of MPE, not associated with them at all but ...

    That's plenty enough for me and, I would guess, most other users.

    Not noticed this at all. I have never noticed anything getting deleted from my Outlook contacts ot calendar by MPE. Did you post the issue on their Forums? What was the reply? The dev. is very responsive.

    And the problem is? To me there is no problem with that as I do need, and see no future need for, syncing any faster, or syncing away from my own PC. You can always use Tasker to start MPE on the phone whenever in range of your home wifi if you're that concerned.

    Not tried. I've done this before with Nokia phones with no problems and can envisage ways of doing so with MPE. Again, not a problem to me.

    Not trying to knock your app but for my purposes MPE works very well.

  17. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the feeback. I did some research and, for the benefit of newcomers to the thread, I've edited the original post to include the new information learned through everyone's feedback. I'll address some specific questions in more detail below.

    When you add a Hotmail account to Outlook, it will appear on the left Navigation Pane of Outlook, below any existing email accounts. This assumes that you have the Navigation Pane turned on and that your viewing with the folders-list view (Ctrl+6). The new Hotmail account inside Outlook will contain folders (icons) for contacts, calendar, inbox, drafts, etc, just like those that are inside the "Outlook Data File" that you're probably now using for contacts and calendar. Move your contacts and calendar items into the Hotmail folders and start using the Hotmail contact & calendar folders from that point on. In fact, you may want to just collapse your "Outlook Data File" so that you don't have to look at it.

    Hotmail only allows 1000 contacts to be imported at one time. If you have more than 1000 contacts, you'll have to copy them over in multiple tries.

    Each field in Hotmail (like Name, Company Name, Street Address, Notes, etc.) has a maximum number characters that can be synchronized with the Hotmail servers, but they seem quite generous, which is why I didn't notice any issue for my contacts. The specifc limits for each field are at this link but to generally summarize it seems that: most name fields are limited to 40 characters, street address fields are limited to 256 characters, company names and titles are limited to 120 characters, and the notes field is limited to 1024 characters. You can have more characters than that in your Outlook contact, but the data will be truncated on the server and on the Android device.

    You can backup everything in your Hotmail account by "exporting" it as a ".PST" file (which then can easily be imported into any other type of Outlook account). Or you can export as a CSV file, etc. Instructions for exporting vary depending on the version of Outlook. (Just search on how to export in Outlook.) Default file locations also vary depending on the version of Outlook. (I think it changed starting with Outlook 2007.) Although I do periodically back-up my Outlook stuff, I take great comfort in knowing that Microsoft/Hotmail does backups and (to prevent data loss from natural or man-made disasters) runs redundant/mirrored RAID server farms in different geographic locations. It's far more likely that I'll lose my Outlook data because my house burns down or gets robbed, than because Microsoft/Hotmail loses my data. I worry about this stuff so I do back-up my photos & videos, both at my house, and "off-site" (at my parents' house) but I don't do an off-site back-up of my Outlook stuff since it's on Microsoft's & Google's redundant server farms.

    If for some reason you want your Outlook contacts to be on Gmail, you can either use 3rd party software, or periodically export your Hotmail contacts to a CSV file and import them into Gmail.
  18. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    dvhttn: Hotmail is not an app. If you add a free Hotmail account to Outlook & your Android device, the syncrhonization happens automatically, through Android's built-in ActveSync, for all Outlook data fields, with zero user intervention. If you prefer to deal with all of the hassles, limitations, and memory usage of MyPhoneExplorer (MPE) that I listed above, that's fine. As you know from using MPE and visiting the MPE forum (where I've seen you post) MPE also has a whole big bunch of other bugs and limitations on the calendar functionality, hardware compatibility, contacts, etc, which I didn't even mention above. But hey, it's free. And if it's good enough for you, then I'm happy for you.

    A couple months ago when I reported to the developer that MPE could irreparably damage people's Outlook databases, the developer's only response was that it's "known". They knew that it could ruin people's databases but they never even bothered to warn anyone!!! And they didn't say they'd fix it.

    My original post was intended to introduce the Hotmail solution to people like me who find products like MPE unacceptable, and who want free, automatic syncrhonization of all Outlook data fields and calendar and events. Rather than discussing the pros and cons of each of the 42 third-party Outlook-synchronization software solutions, I think it would be best to limit the discussion on this thread to the Hotmail solution.
  19. crab16

    crab16 Lurker

    I have Android 2.2.2 and don't see the hotmail account in contacts and calendar. Is this for the new OS 2.3 only? thanks

    Edit. I figured it out. You have to add a sync account, not an email app account. Follow the instructions verbatim on the link RazzMaTazz listed in the beginning hyperlink - "Add that Hotmail account to the standard, built-in Android "Email" app." Then the hotmail account shows up under contacts and calendar. I'm still waiting on a way to sync my outlook task list...
  20. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    Ummm. I know. I never said it was .... :thinking: But I see I didn't use the right words when I said 'I don't want to knock your app', so I implied it was an app I suppose. Bad choice of words from me.


    PS: it sounds like a reasonable way to sync Outlook to Android except for the fact that I do things the way I do because I don't want to sync via the interweb, just locally between phone and PC.
  21. spile

    spile Android Enthusiast

    Having looked through the various forums the main problem for me is that Outlook catergories which I assign with colours are not supported by Android so neither MPE, Hotmail or indded any sync app is going to solve that issue.
    Second from the above postings the only fields that MPE will NOT sync over and above Hotmail are:
    Business 2
    Home 2
    Home Fax

    None of which I use which really means I have no reason to stop using MyPhoneExplorer
  22. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    spile: Your list above should include Company Phone #, Car Phone #, Radio #, Nickname, and Suffix. (There may be more, but I haven't tested them all.)

    If you prefer to deal with all of the aforementioned hassles, limitations, and memory usage of MyPhoneExplorer, that's perfectly fine with me.

    Rather than debate the pros and cons of each of the 42 third-party Outlook synchronization solutions, I think it would be best to limit the discussion on this thread to the Hotmail solution.
  23. rwk

    rwk Lurker


    Thank you for all your hard work. I have not yet had time to research all of your information, but can you tell me if the Outlook add-in you refer to as Outlook Connection is the same program as Outlook Hotmail Connector as discussed here:

    Microsoft Office Outlook Hotmail Connector overview - Outlook - Office.com

    I'm trying to figure out if your sync method (which sounds very good to me) is related to the above methodologies recommended by Microsoft.


  24. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    rwk: Yes. In my original post, I had mistakenly called the add-in "Outlook Connector", instead of "Outlook Hotmail Connector" but you and I linked to the same Microsoft web page. FYI: I've used the Outlook Hotmail Connector add-in with Office 2010, Office 2007, and Office 2003. Works great.
  25. Miami_Son

    Miami_Son Newbie

    Razz, appreciate the effort so far, but this is by no means as simple as you make it out to be. I already had Outlook Connector setup in Outlook, but I had my Hotmail account setup as a POP3 account, so it wasn't syncing to Windows Live. I changed that and deleted the POP3 account on my Android phone and created an Exchange-based account per the instructions. I don't want my e-mails syncing to my phone by default, so I did not set that up. I also don't need my calendar to sync to Windows Live since I have a plug-in in Outlook that syncs the calendar to my phone without having to go to the cloud first. Why M$ doesn't do the same for contacts is beyond me. Anyway, contacts is the only thing I want to sync from Outlook to the phone. Although I have that checked on my phone, I can't figure out how to get Outlook to sync to Windows Live. I copied all my contacts from my default phone book to the newly created Windows Live phonebook, but there's no command or setting in Outlook or in Windows Live to actually cause a sync to happen. Any ideas?

    EDIT: OK, apparently Outlook finally synced with Windows Live and all my contacts are now there. Unfortunately, Windows Live has not synced with my phone and I have no idea why or how to force a sync. Within the contact app I click on Sync SNS, but nothing happens. I have a few contacts in Outlook that are not on my phone and vice versa, so I'll know when it actually does sync. In the settings for the Hotmail account on the phone I have Contacts checked, but I am not syncing my calendar or my e-mail. Does e-mail syncing need to be on for the other items to sync?

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