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We have liftoff

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by redpanda, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. redpanda

    redpanda Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    If you were planning to order online or by phone, go to it.

    Motorola Droid 2

  2. ratchetjaw

    ratchetjaw Android Enthusiast

    Just tried lets me get all the way to adding to my cart then says unavailable at this time . In TN
  3. jazzman09

    jazzman09 Well-Known Member

    when i goto select accessories it takes me to an error screen everytime!!!! I cannot checkout goddamit. Anybody else?
  4. ZeroOveride

    ZeroOveride Member

    I get the same thing as well. Can't add it. Also I am trying to add a line and the $50 promo to Add a Line isn't reflecting in the price either. Well I guess I will be at VZW on thursday morning to get it.
  5. Lightnspirit

    Lightnspirit Member

    Yeah went threw all the screens and got the same error. I called VZW tonight and talked with a rep about the phone and the pre-sale, I asked if I could call in the morning at 7am (when the vzw call center in WA state opens) and she said would be no problem to call in or do it online. I'm 6 days away from my NE2 and they said they would do it early so I could get the extra $50.00 off the $199 price. :)
  6. xmoogle

    xmoogle Lurker

    I placed an order (actually went through and I got a confirmation email) at 9:07 PM Pacific Time, and an hour later, I received an email confirming my order cancellation. Wtheck!! I didn't cancel my order! >:O
  7. Old Man

    Old Man Android Enthusiast

    Having the same problems with online ordering. No problems with changing the plan and it shows the line available for an upgrade and NE2 but it always kick it out as product not available at some point in the process.

    An even larger pain because I am dealing with four lines on a Family plan so I'd go through entering all four phone selections, the features for all four lines and the accessories for three of the phones and then it would kick me out of the process. I did try just the one line with the Droid 2 and got kicked out as well.
  8. BruceWayne

    BruceWayne Member

    Just ordered...added a line for the wife...already received email confirmation...
  9. Lightnspirit

    Lightnspirit Member

    Did it say in the email when it should arrive?
  10. BruceWayne

    BruceWayne Member

    It did not...since today is considered pre-order...that info wouldn't be available right away...it was the same when I ordered my Dinc...but since most of us wasn't able to get through the entire process without an error, I decided to let everyone know that was no longer an issue...

    I honestly expect it to be here on the 12th...since it releases in stores that day...I assume thats why most online orders start at least a day in advance...
  11. ratchetjaw

    ratchetjaw Android Enthusiast

    Ordered mine at around 1:15 am. Just checked and order has been processed. No shipping info. Process has gone faster than when ordering my X. I think the demand might not be as high. I really like my X but wanting to switch out sometimes with the D2. For the keyboard and i must have froyo now lol :)
  12. Old Man

    Old Man Android Enthusiast

    After a shortened night's sleep due to the problems ordering early this morning, I was finally able to get through the order process. Received a confirmation e-mail right away and the status showed the order being processed just a few minutes later.

    The only coupon code I could get to work was WEBCH10. SMART50SA, SMART30 and PRMCD10 all came up as expired.
  13. Lightnspirit

    Lightnspirit Member

    I was able to get "WEBCH10" to work 10% off was nice, someone on droid-life said they used "SWITCH30" and got another 30 dollars off but I tried and it said was expired as well... just like the above codes.
  14. Old Man

    Old Man Android Enthusiast

    I read somewhere that SWITCH30 only works for new service, as in people switching from another carrier.

    A warning to those considering using American Express to pay as apparently Verizon runs a $1 charge to verify a credit card account before running the full charge and for AmEx this can trigger the charge being considered fraud and denied. After this happened this morning I had to approve the charge with AmEx and then contact Verizon to tell them to resubmit it and now I'm just hoping the order will process. Should have just billed it to the account, live and learn.
  15. Lightnspirit

    Lightnspirit Member

    oh man.. sorry to hear that happend.. yeah I always just bill to the account. Just waiting for the shipping e-mail now to see when that bad boy will arrive.
  16. tipopilota

    tipopilota Member

    Mine is on order hopefully will get it tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.
  17. TheAlmightyDrew

    TheAlmightyDrew Android Enthusiast

    I am hoping these things don't go on backorder like the Droid X and Droid Incredible did. I want to order mine tomorrow after I get a chance to play around with the Droid and see if I like it.
  18. xmoogle

    xmoogle Lurker

    Just spoke to a customer service rep. According to her, some phones did ship out today in the morning, and the latest one should receive their D2 after placing an order today is Friday...

    I'm kinda bummed that I won't be getting mine tomorrow due to Verizon's own fault :(
  19. xrussx

    xrussx Well-Known Member

    They really don't know. Stay tuned to your e-mail.
  20. jazzman09

    jazzman09 Well-Known Member

    my phone shipped out at 10:45am this morning or that is when i got my notification of shipment.
  21. xmoogle

    xmoogle Lurker

    Yup, that is true. I received a shipping confirmation email with tracking number this afternoon. Should be getting my phone tomorrow sometime before 3 PM. :)
  22. Old Man

    Old Man Android Enthusiast

    Our online status was still showing the order being processed after I received a shipping notice and tracking number but it looks like so far they are being pretty good with order confirmation and shipping notification e-mails.

    Ours is currently shown to be on the truck for delivery!

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