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We need more home screens!!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by tdog7879, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. tdog7879

    tdog7879 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    is there a app for JUST more home screens? Im all out of room on my other 3 pages and i only have the phone for a week and half:eek: ... What do you guys use?

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  2. kabbie_mcfeely

    kabbie_mcfeely Android Enthusiast

    You can use a "home" replacment app ... ahome, panda home (free) and many others in the market.

    You can also put folders on your desktop and put apps in the folders. Then you can put games in a folder, shopping stuff in another and so on.
  3. tdog7879

    tdog7879 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I was really trying to advoid those programs just because they have there own issues and the stock ver.is good and stable.....but thanks for the tip...im really trying to motivate a dev in making just 4 more pages!
  4. srothkin

    srothkin Member

    I've been using PandaHome on my Droid for about a week now. Using 4 home screens plus 2 dockbars. I put my most frequently used bookmarks on 1 dockbar and my favorite contacts on the other. I dedicate 1 home screen to the 4x4 calwidget (what the calendar agenda should have looked like).

    So far I only have 2 issues, neither bad enough to make me uninstall it:

    1. It seems to crash/restart several times a day. It generally doesn't take it more than a couple of seconds to reappear and nothing seems to be lost, so I'm ok with this.
    2. It insists on alphabetically sorting the icons in the dockbars instead of allowing me to order them the way I want (like the home screens). I've emailed the developer an enhancement request to address this.
  5. tysonvid

    tysonvid Lurker

    I've been using an app called GDE that I got over in xda-developers. It is great. It has the dockbars, different swiping methods, and can have up to 7 screens. And it doesn't slow up my phone.
  6. UGAdroid

    UGAdroid Member

    Looking at home replacements (leaning towards pandahome). I have what might be a dumb question...If I install one of these apps, will it erase all of my current settings, i.e. current location of apps, widgets, etc? Or will it just replace the current home and allow me to add more?
  7. Whittydroid

    Whittydroid Lurker

    no... you will just have two homes running at the same time that you can go between by pressing the home button... unless you designate one of them as default... than you can clear that by going into the app settings...

    edit: the new home will be standard, and you will have to add all the shortcuts and widgets you want on the new home... but the original home will not be changed at all..
  8. EthicalHacker

    EthicalHacker Lurker

    I actually have ran into the same problem..main reason I bought the phone basically the only reason was because I was able to run my schools server on the phone after a few hours of testing I was all for android..but I am always limited on how many windows I can have open.
  9. kazzariti

    kazzariti Lurker

    Sprint Hero has seven home screens, and a 5 mp camera so I know there's a program in place. I have the my touch from tmobile and didn't even get a users guide with the phone. Sprint gave one with the hero. But I'm still loving the phone.:eek:
  10. LyCke7y SpLy7

    LyCke7y SpLy7 Lurker

    ADW Launcher! It's available in the Market.

    Sorry for any double postings.
  11. vbhokiefan

    vbhokiefan Member

    Launcher+ the ONLY thing it does is give you more screens. should be available in the marketplace:D
  12. grainysand

    grainysand Android Expert

    LauncherPro. PandaHome, aHome et al are horrible and ugly imo.
  13. coolbone

    coolbone Well-Known Member

    You guys need more home screens?! I use 3...and they're not even filled..

    But +1 for ADWlauncher is gorgeous and really powerful

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