We need this


Nov 12, 2009
Blackberry messanger will be outragous the amount of people to switch would be rediculus if you can make your phone have a pin number that would be compatible with the blackberry interface then we're talking hundreds of thousands of new droid users if i knew how to create something like this and charged a dollar or 2 easily make tens of thousands of dollars and your would be the man in the android world just something to think about i know it can be done because droid does lol and its pretty much just using data sevices to have an instant message chat idk
I don't want BBM and I don't think Android needs it. The BlackBerry users who are afraid to switch because they don't want to lose BBM need a reality check.
Wow... that really needs some punctuation.

And I'm pretty sure BBM will never be available on anything other than a Blackberry.
No, it's there.... GoogleTalk...
My wife installed it on her iPhone (<-rookie) and we can chat. As well, there is a googletalk app for BB, so everyone is happy in a kinda, sorta, not way...
First, please punctuate your post...it was difficult reading it and understanding it.
Secondly, Yes we have gtalk. Why do you wanna get complicated with pins and such like bbm?
Thirdly, gtalk is better than bbm in: 1. You can chat with anyone with a gmail account vs only blackberry users. 2. Nearly all smartphones have a gtalk app, so you can talk to anyone using a gtalk app vs only blackberry users again. 3. It's easy to add a friend. No pins no hassle required. 4. You can use your phone to chat and then switch to your computer very easily. 5. You can view the history of the chats on gmail AND your phone.

Now, again, why do you want bbm?
BBM won't ever work on another device unless BB wants it to. Can't see them ever doing that...too much of a draw for many BB owners.
Like has been said before unless the phone is allowed into RIM's proxies and that aint a gonna happen until RIM gives up... (or starts charging people to use the service cause they aren't making enough on their own devices)....