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Wear app to check UK train times

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by aparkin, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. aparkin

    aparkin Newbie
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    I created an app that enables you to check UK train times from your watch. I wrote it after being out late one evening after work and was heading back to the station, but I was reluctant to get my phone out as I was walking briskly and didn't want to drop the phone, also it was pretty late and with all the phone snatching robberies going on in London I felt reluctant to get my phone out so late...wouldn't it be useful if I could just check the time of the next train home from my watch?

    So I wrote this app...you install it onto your phone and the wearable app is installed automatically. You have to set up the from station and to station on the phone in advance (it's not really practical to enter them on the watch),then when the watch app is opened you simply click the desired route and it tells you when the next few trains are, or whether they are cancelled or late. Please note this app only works for UK stations, and the wear app requires the phone to be nearby e. g. in your bag or pocket as the actual timetable query is done on the phone.

    I would appreciate any feedback on how usable the wear app is from anyone using a watch with a round face, as my Sony Smartwatch 3 has a square face and I can't seem to get the Android wear emulator working to test it against round faces.



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  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    UK train times...ah so it's an app for reading fiction on your smart-watch.
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  3. mashton

    mashton Lurker

    Looks great!

    Can you make it show departures from the nearest station, using your current location?
  4. aparkin

    aparkin Newbie
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    That's an interesting suggestion, I will look into this at some point.
  5. aparkin

    aparkin Newbie
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    I've got this basically working, and tested it this morning when I drove past 4 stations and it correctly picked up the nearest one each time. It should be ready for release in the next week, I usually prefer to do a fair amount of testing before releasing a change, but if you would like to help test it I can release a beta version immediately. Let me know if you're interested. One thing I was wondering about was whether just showing the nearest station would be too restrictive, i.e. if you were close to more than one station it might be better to show the 2 or 3 nearest ones...any thoughts?

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  6. aparkin

    aparkin Newbie
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    An update with this feature is now available via Google Play (and at the address listed at the top of this thread). Including nearby stations is disabled by default, but can be enabled using a checkbox. The number of nearby stations to include defaults to 1, but this can be changed by selecting the number to the right of the checkbox (up to 5 stations can be included). Please let me know if you run into any issues.
  7. aparkin

    aparkin Newbie
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    I'm adding another feature that enables a widget to be added to your phone's home screen. The reason for this is that the National Rail app's widget is completely unreliable and hardly ever works these days, which is a shame as it used to be a handy feature. The widget in Next Train will allow you to specify when a particular route is displayed on the widget, for example you can have your morning home-to-work route appear on weekdays in the mornings, and the return journey appear in the evenings. You can also specify the days of the week a particular route will appear, and the max number of departures.

    This should be ready for release in about 1 week, but if anyone wants to test the beta version please send me a message.
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  8. aparkin

    aparkin Newbie
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    I released the update with the widget to Google Play. Any feedback please let me know.
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  9. aparkin

    aparkin Newbie
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    Just added a new feature - when the widget is getting departures, if it detects a cancellation or delay it will display a notification. If you don't want this behaviour it can be disabled from a new Settings screen I added (this also contains the "Add nearest stations" checkbox that was previously on the home screen). You can also now set the font size of the mobile + wear app and the widget.

Next Train

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Provides a simple and fast way to check what time the next train leaves on your usual route. Routes are pre-configured on an app that runs on your phone, while a companion wearable app allows you to check train times from your watch. The app also provides a widget you can add to your phone's home screen that shows upcoming departures. This can be configured to show particular routes at different times, e.g. show your home-to-work route in the morning and your work-to-home route in the evening. If the widget detects a delay or cancellation it will display a notification. Note that this app is designed for UK stations only.

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