Marko Vidalis

Apr 6, 2022
Hey guys

I've created an android application with a wearos module contained within it. This might be a rookie issue given that I'm new to android development (I'm from a web dev background) but I'm struggling to get my wear and mobile apps to communicate, when they are in debug mode.

Basically, I have written some code in the mobile application to detect if the wearOS app exists on a connected watch, and if it does, allow the user to monitor the sensor activity on the watch.

When I run the mobile application debugger on a physical device through USB, I see it doesn't package the wear application with it and so I cannot install the linked watch application on my watch (which is linked to android studio through ADB over wi-fi). While the mobile device debugger is running, I run the debugger for the watch app too and the app then runs on the watch, but it doesn't look like the code in the app is actually detecting the watch. This functionality does work though when downloading the published app through the play store, and then installing it on the watch through the play store too using the 'apps on your phone' menu on my watch.

How can I achieve the connectivity between the watch and phone apps through the debugger? This is a massive pain point for me and I can't seem to find anything online that addresses this and that describes how best to set up debug environments so that these apps are linked on the 2 devices and can communicate in debug mode. My mobile device app is heavily dependent on detecting watch sensors and interacting with them and so I need an efficient way to test this.