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Weather after recent sw update HTC Desire

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by deadangel, May 25, 2011.

  1. deadangel

    deadangel Lurker
    Thread Starter


    Recently I was offered a system update to my HTC Desire HD. Everything seems to be working fine apart from two minor issues with the weather.

    It now makes a noise to indicate rain/fog etc, every time the main screen is switched on. I would very much like it if it could, you know, not do this. The only way I have found to switch it off is by putting the phone on silent, which is not always terribly handy, with it being a phone and all.

    The other thing is that the weather no longer updates automatically. I have to enter the weather menu, it then updates but goes back to the prior status, then I have to click update before it is actually updated. Every time I want to check the current weather I need to do this. Now it's not a major issue but I would still appreciate any tips.

    FYI the sw version I have is 2.36.405.8, Android 2.3.3.

    Thanks in advance for any tips. (and my apologies if this was not posted in the correct place or it has been posted before - I am new here and I could not find any info relating to this specifically)

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  2. qwerty100

    qwerty100 Member

    Touch the weather picture in the middle bottom of the clock widget,

    Then Menu->Settings and uncheck the sound effects box.

    Why someone decided to add sounds to this widget is completely beyond me, but at least then had the sense to allow us to turn it off.

    (PS I also really hate the little tune when it boots and ironically displays the "HTC - Quietly Brilliant" logo. AAARRGG)
    deadangel likes this.
  3. dijon

    dijon Member

    I actually quite like the rain noises, but absolutely hate the 'quietly brilliant' tune. Particularly late at night when my phone randomly rebooted and woke up our baby (in the next room!) by playing it :p
  4. murzz

    murzz Android Enthusiast

    Mark me down as another "like" for the weather sounds, i find them rather pleseant.
  5. Panter

    Panter Member

    I know I'm shallow but the Thunder one showed last night (we had a storm at the time, too)
    I was absolutely spellbound by it, with the flashes and thunder effects and played it a few times, absolutely enchanted like a simpleton watching something sparkly :eek: :D
  6. dijon

    dijon Member

    Ditto :D
  7. deadangel

    deadangel Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for letting me know how to turn it off! I thought it had to be under the general sound settings, didn't occur to me to check under the settings for the widget itself. :eek:

    I also find it rather ironic/annoying that the quietly brilliant screen plays such a loud noise.

    Anyone else having any issues with weather not updating automatically after the latest update? This is the first update I've had since I bought the phone, so I don't know if minor things like this usually happen.

    I do find the option to select favourite apps/all apps very convenient in this update.
  8. PirateCandy

    PirateCandy Lurker


    New to this and didn't want to start a new thread needlessly. I was wondering if anyone had any bright ideas about weather directory?

    The list is awful - only with wifi turned on it finding my current location does the weather widget realise my town actually exists.

    Obviously being new to the phone and not having a phone like this before, I don't want to start fiddling. I'd likely screw something.

    Suggestions about another app or something would be good? Or is it even possible to update or add to the directory when you're in a certain location so it remembers it?

    PS. The fog sound after the update scared me yesterday morning, I was still only half awake when it blared out! :eek:
  9. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

    I use the Go Weather widget. I don't get all the fancy sounds and screen animations as I would with HTC's widget.

    You could also try accuweather, from what I recall, this has a far greater list of town/cities available than most of the widgets out there.
    PirateCandy likes this.
  10. TheBrit

    TheBrit Android Expert

    The new T-Mobile UK gingerbread rom does not have this option to turn off the weather sound effects! Help!!
  11. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

    Weather -> Menu button -> Settings -> Sound Effects?
  12. Silver Surfer

    Silver Surfer Well-Known Member

    I don't have that option either and I'm on vodafone uk. Personally, I don't mind the sound effects though and I'm also not cursed with the ironic "Quietly Brilliant" fanfare.
  13. TheBrit

    TheBrit Android Expert

    Nope :(
  14. codral

    codral Well-Known Member

    Has anyone else got problems with the weather widget disabling itself?

    Mine seems to not work if I don't have the 3g or wifi on... It looks like it gets out of date and disables itself... it used to just stay up there so i could see what the top temp was
  15. mika j

    mika j Lurker

    Im t-mobile uk and i cant turn weather soinds off either
  16. deadangel

    deadangel Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Weird, mine not only recognises my town, it even identifies my neighbourhood (no wifi required). Though it is a little screwy with updating the weather still.
  17. Shadow Monkey

    Shadow Monkey Lurker

    I am also on T-Mobile Uk and the only way I found to turn off the sounds was, when you put the widget on to you home screen it'll give you an option to show full screen animations, if you un-check that you won't get any weather animations when you un-lock the screen and no sounds... I think it's a small price to pay to get rid of those stupidly annoying weather sounds...

    Hope this helps :)
  18. danboy83

    danboy83 Lurker

    This may help other people!
    I really didn't like the weather noises either. I didn't have the sound effects box so couldn't un-check it. Spent ages working this out but you can also stop them by removing the clock from the home screen - hold your finger on it until it highlights and drag to delete box - then add it back on as a widget and you will get a box saying "show full screen animations" - make sure you un-check this box. Done!

    Just realised I've written exactly the same thing as the person above! Ooops!
  19. Mizuno

    Mizuno Newbie

    I'll chime in here too if thats ok. Its the exact topic I was looking for.

    Im on Voda in Australia. Did the update about 2-3 weeks ago. Since then, I have noticed a few changes Im not too keen on, but I'll stick to the weather ones here. The old OS let me use wireless networks to find my location then store it once I turned that option off. So at any given time, i could get current temps in my local area even if I was somewhere else (actually, I used the next suburb, it had much better weather data available). Now, it updates everywhere I go, and if I turn the wireless networks option off, it gives me nothing (where it used to give me the location stored). Bit annoying if I am away and want to know my local temp the following morning.

    Secondly, the automatic update is grayed out. So on my home screen it often shows nothing even if I use wireless networks or my home network. It only updates once I open it and hit update. I would like it to update every few hours.
  20. poke450

    poke450 Lurker

    I just figured this out. My update automatically was grayed out until I did this. I went to menu->settings->account and sync, and the auto-sync was unchecked. I checked to let auto-sync happen and then the update automatically became an option again. Hope this helped.

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