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weather channel still using up battery even though i dont have it set to anything???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by massiveian, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. massiveian

    massiveian Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok so i look in spare parts and i go under battery history and click on network usage and i see that the weather channel is taking up alot of battery. I dont have the weather channel widgit or just the icon on any of my home pages and i dont have any location for it.

    Why is it still taking up so much battery?
    Also is there a way to change the update time with it?

  2. kabbie_mcfeely

    kabbie_mcfeely Android Enthusiast

    I havent used the app, but most apps like that have a settings under menu.
  3. sycor

    sycor Well-Known Member

    It's a pain but I usually just kill the WC app up App Management under settings whenever I turn my phone on (if it's completely died). It stays off once you force kill it.
  4. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    Just use the task killer to kill it. I kill the NFL widget. But I've been keeping the weather widget on, and it hasn't reduced battery life for me too much...
  5. Gizmodo

    Gizmodo Member

    I use the weather channel app daily. I never shut it off. It has no effect on my battery. I have lived with it and without it; no difference in battery life.
  6. Tripndrag

    Tripndrag Newbie

    I would un-install any Weather Channel updates you have, force quit it in the apps un-install screen. Turn your phone off and pull the battery for a while, turn it back on and download the Weathbug from the app store and use it. It seems to work much better for me, turn off the feature where it shows the temp in the notification bar at the top of your screen. It does all the same stuff as the Weather Channel app, has the alerts, forecast etc... My phone and my wife's phone have had a lot better battery performance since I did that. We run with the gps on, you may need to go outside to let it get where you are and your Weatherbug should pick up your location and work just fine.
  7. nycebo

    nycebo Android Enthusiast

    Weather Channel is using 2% of my battery so far. I can't see how it is responsible for severe drain. At the end of the day, it's your screen and more importantly, the quality of your cellular reception that impacts battery life. Had the same issues with my blackberry curve (though admittedly it lasted longer as a result of the smaller screen) while at work because reception here is spotty. When I would take the blackberry home (or my Droid) where the reception is terrific, it lasts a LOT longer. Simple as A...B...C....

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