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Weather Forecast?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gobluejd, May 18, 2010.

  1. gobluejd

    gobluejd GOBLUE!
    Thread Starter

    Ex-Blackberry user here. I had and LOVED BERRY WEATHER by Bellshare. I can not for the life of me find something comparable. I love the HTC weather widget, but want to be able to see other weather related items like % chance of rain, hourly etc. I have weather.com's install as a supplement to HTC's, but I'd rather have something all inclusive. I do not mind paying money for this.

    Any help on a GOOD weather app?

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  2. krispy_mobile

    krispy_mobile Member

    I use weatherbug elite and am happy with it. Easy to get to different forecasts, alerts, animated radar. It does have hour by hour forecast w/ chance of precip.
  3. gobluejd

    gobluejd GOBLUE!
    Thread Starter

    Sweet....Only $2 buying now. Odd could not find that when searching for weather??? In any case looks good!
  4. jr461

    jr461 Newbie

    I've tried WeatheBug over the years on various PCs only to find it tends to bog it down and sometimes didn't run right.

    Has anyone had any problems with WB elite affecting their phone's performance in any way? this is the only thing keeping me from buying.

  5. krispy_mobile

    krispy_mobile Member

    It has not been a problem for me. Although, I do not have background updates enabled as I've noticed little to no wait for it to get updated information when I open it.
  6. b1gg134

    b1gg134 Well-Known Member

    BerryWeather was great on the BB. In my opinion the HTC widget is the only one that looks good but it is so inaccruate in the forecast and location.

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