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Weather & Toggle Widget: Weather? Time? Why not get both?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by finkalink, Jun 16, 2010.

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    May 25, 2010

    May 25, 2010
    Let's preface this review by saying, Android users love our Market. I love the Android Market so much, because it is rare that there isn't an app that does what I want for free. So when I go out of my way to buy an app, it is either something that no other app does, or it goes far and above the call of duty. The Weather & Toggle does both. Handily.

    For $1.99, which could get you a cheesburger, or maybe a quarter mile cab ride, Weather & Toggle Widget gives you various features that do not come in other applications. First, is the aesthetically pleasing skin. A cool flip clock and a well detailed graphic of the weather are present in the home widget, which "automagically" turns your phone from a super-slick android device to a custom babe magnetic super-slick android device. Beyond just looking at it, when you tap the weather, it brings up an animated graphic of what the current weather is where you, as well as the upcoming weather for the next three days. To be quite honest, I would not like my phone as much as I do, if I did not have this widget.

    And what if you do not like how the widget looks, but still enjoy its functionality? Weather & Toggle Widgets are fully customizable, with plenty of skins to choose from that can be downloaded from the Android Market. From Mario to Paintsplatter themes, there is likely something for you. Even the weather style is changeable!

    And as if all this was not enough, I am yet to mention the Toggle Widgets. The Toggle Widgets include all of the main things you would instantly like to turn on or off, such as GPS, 3G, Plane Mode, Ringer, Wifi, and even give the options of having 4 of these in a neat packaged one line widget bar on your phone's home screen.

    I could write forever about this product, because its a great investment. If you are looking for the functionality that you purchased an android phone for, and a "WOW" factor that most widgets don't rival, then head to the market and buy Weather & Toggle Widget!


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