zuben el genub

Extreme Android User
Jan 24, 2011
Is it my imagination or does Elite now refuse to work if you don't update?

I bought it, got one update I didn't like, and have been refusing to update after reading about the new junk they put in. The other day I simply could not get the current conditions. Everything else worked, but not current.
Updated, found out they included all these stupid photographs that you simply can't get rid of. I prefer a plain black background. I did complain.
So far, Elite on the tablet running ICS hasn't changed.

I'm trying 2 that use NOAA. One uses a street map, the other doesn't.
I find the street maps interesting as it will be raining in the lower area to the south, and not at my house. I've also been on the snow borderline.

Neither of these apps give you much in the way of choosing location.
The one with the street map has our elevation right, the other doesn't.

You can't tell from Play who actually has what. Most screen shots show backgrounds and none say if it's the phone used for the shot, or the photos are included. I did like most of Elite before they messed with it.

Who else has a decent app with no TV links, and no frou-frou extras?
I also don't want and won't use widgets.

I have Weather Underground in Quick Weather. I'd rather buy the app than have ads.