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Web Browser on FireTV?

Discussion in 'Amazon Fire TV' started by SanDiegoStevo, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. SanDiegoStevo

    SanDiegoStevo Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm guessing this does not come with Chrome, or else they would mention that feature.

    But a search for "browser" on Amazon, filtering for FireTV Apps shows both Opera and Dolphin as results. So, I'm curious to hear from anybody who gets one of these: can you indeed install a web browser? Is is super clunky or just a little clunky?

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  2. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Android Expert

  3. SanDiegoStevo

    SanDiegoStevo Newbie
    Thread Starter


    Check out this XDA thread too: Amazon Fire TV - xda-developers

    Looks like Dolphin does not work. Firefox was successfully sideloaded. So that's good. Browsing is possible at least! Curious if Opera works since it seems to be flagged as a Fire TV app from Amazon's app store.

    The more I read about this thing, the more I think it may be a worthy upgrade from my CoStars.
  4. bhelpuri

    bhelpuri Lurker

    I tried couple of browsers and they work reasonably ok but remote controls doesn't work well. I tried dolphin, opera, firefox and maxthon. All works ok if you install flash player and some screen rotation app(fix orientation to landscape). To get browsing you need to connect wireless keyboard.
  5. TP4217

    TP4217 Lurker

    First off great site! I'm getting desperate! I watched a couple of vids on sideloading apps to the Amazon Fire Tv. I got the Android sdk, jdk and eclipse loaded and working but I can't get the ADB to stay on. I'm running windows 7 home premium 64bit. I already put the location of my ADB in the path in the environment variables. I know once I get this ADB running then sideloading should be a breeze. If I can't get it up and running, is there another alternative? I have seen someone mention a browser on the Amazon Fire TV. Can I go that route? Any help is greatly appreciated and sorry if I'm not in the correct forum. Thanks.
  6. bhelpuri

    bhelpuri Lurker

  7. rmorris88

    rmorris88 Lurker

    I sideloaded the Firefox browser apk to my Amazon Fire TV stick, but now, even though I can see the browser on my TV screen, I have no clue as to how to use it. What do you use to type a URL into the address line? I cannot find anything on my Fire stick remote control that will allow me to navigate or type on this screen! Anybody know how to do this?
  8. SandmanCL

    SandmanCL Lurker

    rmorris88, I wouldn't be surprised if you need a keyboard / mouse for this to work, unless someone makes a custom browser specifically for the Fire TV.
  9. sweller

    sweller Lurker

    For the best browsing on the Fire TV you need:

    Firefox (side-loaded)
    FiredTV alternate launcer (also side-loaded)
    A Logitech K400r wireless keyboard (or equivalent)

    Though the browsing isn't perfect, it works very well and is perfectly usable.
  10. werz77

    werz77 Lurker

    An easy way to sideload apps already installed on an android phone is Fire installer, its very simple and fast but less functional than using adb installer on your computer. To navigate any sideloaded apps you can use Remote Mouse I think its a dollar on Amazon.

    To answer your question, Yes, you can install Web Browsers, you can use Firefox, Chrome and whatever other browser you want, it is in no way a perfect experience but it still makes the fire tv a better unit. note - It is very difficult trying to watch online videos through the browsers and its hard to navigate, but it works.

    To install 3rd party apps you must enable ADB debugging and Apps from unknown sources under; settings--> system--> developers options

    As the fire tv/stick are based off of android, you can install any android application. That being said, I
    recommend installing the previously stated as well as apps such as Vudu, Fox Now, Crackle, Aptoide, Fired TV, Spotify (the full app), Xfinity TV GO, and Flash Player (for any browsers). For all of these you will most likely need some sort of bluetooth mouse or the Remote Mouse app I have listed below

    Sorry if the post is messy I'm tired and have class in the morning/ any questions feel free to respond.

    Fire installer--> https://play.google.com/
    Remote mouse--> http://www.amazon.com/Remote-Mouse-for-Fire-TV
  11. marioval

    marioval Newbie

    I side loaded the Adobe Flash apk and UC Browser HD apk and this combo works really well on the AFT However I use a cheapo airmouse, not the AFT remote. it doesn't work so good with the AFT remote.
  12. Sharon H

    Sharon H Lurker

    I haven't found a web app you can surf, but if your intent is to pull videos, you can do that. You are in luck if you have an Iphone, utilizing the IWebTv on FireTV & Iphone. Open the IWebTv app on FireTV. On the Iphone, open the app & browse to the web address of the video. (I subscribe to gaither.tv) You can bookmark the address for easier reference later. Click on the video you want to watch & it will be cast to the tv. I know that there are tons of apps out there to cast videos to FireTV, but this one is quite reliable.
  13. Bytet

    Bytet Lurker

    I found my appsgeyser app registers itself as a web browser on my tablet. When I sideload it to my fire TV cube it acts like a web browser too, but it has no cursor. No problem I added spacial navigation to my web page called by the appsgeyser app. In effect its now a FireTV app. Very cool maybe a little off topic.

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