Help Web Browsing Issues

I've been having a couple issues with web browsing, and can't seem to find any info on either. one is an actual problem, the other is an annoying feature I don't know how to shut off.

-Annoying feature: when scrolling web pages, I sometimes accidentally change the zoom of the page. How do I shut that off? It's really annoying and useless to me. I don't have motions enabled.

-Problem: every time I enter text into any text box on a website, whether it's as small as the Google search box, or as large as the text box I'm typing in now, the Galaxy S3 won't let Swype insert proper spacing or capitalization. It treats every text box like it's the URL bar. Any idea how to fix this?


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Swype not auto spacing is a problem at Swypes end. It hasn't worked since jellybean, so the only option is to wait for them to fix it.

Do you mean double tap to zoom? I don't think you can turn this off.


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Ah, ok.

There is a toggle for the double tap zoom, butno, not that. Sometimes when sliding my finger up and down in the browser (and stock email, too), the page zooms in and out as if I were using pinch to zoom. Each time I only have one finger on the screen and I'm trying to scroll down a page. It seems to be be near the edge.