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Dec 26, 2011
Chester, UK
hey i need some help with this problem (new to android os) my tablet connects to my wifi but doesnt load any web pages...but when i connect to another wireless network it works fine but i know there is nothing wrong with my wifi because my iphone 4 connects to it and works thinking the problem might be an app called adfree but i have no idea:thinking:
Any help would be very much appreciated im rooted if that matters
I doubt it's root or AdFree.

MAC filtering is something you'd do on your router. It's a setup option, usually not needed.

I have seen this problem often, it's not specific to Android.

Surprisingly, a wifi router reboot often fixes it.
Hello I just did a factory reset on my tab (thinkin this would solve the problem) and now it won't boot well it does just with a black screen vibrates and turns off again I tried volume button down and power and it goes to recovery screen and just shuts down again I am rooted any advice ? Please