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Web server on phone

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by sandy pittendrigh, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. sandy pittendrigh

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    I'm new. I'm a retired software developer just now embarking on learning about phone app development. I do have extensive Java experience.

    I want to put a web server on a phone in order to display what looks and acts like a book. I want to use a web server so I can display embedded video. *.epub3 supports multi-media theoretically. But the open source readers do not. Perhaps the new crop of phone based web servers do support video. Perhaps not. That's my question.

    In other words:
    A web server installed on a phone would be a quick and easy alternative to ebook XML files. A web server can be installed on a phone now too. So, when not connected to a wireless signal a phone/webserver /browser combination could display book-like contents in ways that may or may not be more powerful and epub3 and any of the currently available open source epub readers.

    Video is probably too big to store on a phone. So book-like HTML contents stored on a phone and displayed on a phone would probably have to suck any embedded video down off the internet, using a wireless signal, so the video would be empty when not connected, live when connected.

    Does this work? Has anybody done it?

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