Webview set to load variable, but it doesn't forget it upon exit

Hi, I have set a Webview element to load a variable named %Code. The Code is a textedit element with predefined text. When the scene is launched, the webview shows the predefined text of textedit. that's good. Then I change the text in Textedit box, and I have already told tasker to change variable %Code to %new_value upon text change so the variable is updated. (told this in TEXT CHANGED tab of edit element). So, now the webview shows new text, because %Code is changed. That's exactly what I planned to do. BUT, when I exit the scene (with a destroy scene command), and re-open the scene, the webview shows the last text entered, which is in %Code, and the textedit element shows the predefined text. In the launching process, the %Code is not touched, therefore it has the last value. If I try to clear the variable upon exit, the next time I launch scene, webview shows text: %Code

I want that the webview shows the value of %Code but the value of %Code must be set as that of predefined text of textedit element, so upon launch, the text of web and editor should be same.

I can do it in manual way, that I set the value of %Code to my predefined text upon exit, but this is not right, as I may need to change that text again and again at times.