Fuad Hasan

Sep 16, 2021
My Wechat QR code needs to be scanned. Is there anyone who can help me? Any help will be appreciated.
You can scan my Wechat QR, and buy me a beer if you want. ;)
I don't have account on Wechat. But I need one and to have one, QR needs to be scanned. I need help with that. I will be grateful to androidforums if someone help me.
I signed up again. Can you please try again?


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If QR code doesn't work, you can follow the below procedure as suggested by wechat.


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Got a bit further this time. But the Security Check needs to validate a Chinese ID card number. Which I don't have as I'm not Chinese, I only live here. I registered to Wechat using my British passport number.

Maybe someone else can help who's got an international Wechat account?


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As I have no known friends in China and no connection with any wechat user, so it would be better if you could refer me to someone else.
I appreciate that you tried to help me all the possible ways. Thanks a trillion @mikedt
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Can you refer me to someone else?

I do know someone who can possibly help, who is Chinese and can read English. But will have to wait until tomorrow evening China time, or the weekend in the evening.

Is it you who's trying to sign-up to Wechat? Because usually for international Wechat sign-ups, AFAIK it doesn't need to do all the real ID verify stuff. Or are you actually in China?
Yes. It's me. I'm not from China. I'm from Bangladesh and My name is Fuad Hasan Maruf.

I'll wait untill tomorrow.
could anyone help me out with my verification on we chat too please


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