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Weird audio issue; unsure if system, app, or server

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by DrJareth, Aug 1, 2018.

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    I'm having a very strange audio output issue and I'm not sure who to start asking. Any tips or direction would help.

    Starting a few days ago, I can no longer get a certain podcast series (superbestfriendcast.libsyn.com/) to output audio to my headphones (through the aux). Using Podcast Addict, it will play audio through my phone speakers, so it's not just that the podcast service is down or issuing podcasts in a weird format. Podcast Addict will also play other podcasts through the aux, so as far as I can tell Podcast Addict is working fine. I've tried playing these podcasts through another podcast app (no aux, didn't think to check speaker) and through chrome (no aux, fine through speaker). I've tried unsubscribing and resubscribing to that series, deleting all downloaded episodes, and uninstalling and reinstalling Podcast Addict.

    Any thoughts at all? Even just a better idea of whether this is an Android, Podcast Addict app, or libsyn server issue would be well-appreciated.

    Phone: Motorola Moto G4 Plus (XT1644)
    Carrier: Telia (Sweden)
    Android: 7.0, 2018-04-01 security patch
    Podcast Addict v 3.53.1 (build 1631)

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