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Weird Bluetooth issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cigar3tte, Aug 12, 2010.

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    Something is wrong with my N1's BT ever since I got the Car Dock and Desk Dock.

    Lately, it'd always try to connect to paired items that aren't even in range, or turned on for that matter, and trying to connect to an actual device is always a press-and-hope affair.

    I currently have four items paired in its memory.
    1. BluBridge mini-Jack RX (to convert my car's AUX to BT)
    2. Jabra BT2040 (one-ear headset)
    3. Car Dock (official one)
    4. Desk Dock (official one)

    Both docks were bought on eBay, but the packaging and everything doesn't appear to be counterfeit; I'm pretty sure they're the official ones.

    A lot of times my phone would reboot when turning on BT, but it's not a full reboot. It always comes back to Home screen a lot quicker than a normal reboot would take.

    This has happened before I even rooted the phone, then same case with CM6 and Enomther. Would hate for it to be a hardware issue.

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