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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bg4m3r, Aug 2, 2014.

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    OK, so I one again had to do a stock flash on my phone. It worked perfectly using the newest BOARD_DL method, except something weird has resulted. I have the generic LG startup and shutdown animation, and everything shows my carrier as LG, not Boost. I mean everything. Anywhere that it shows your carrier name it says LG. Everything works though. I can make and receive calls and texts and network data works fine. Anyone else encounter this? Not looking for a fix, since everything works, just confused as to how this happened. Here's a screenshot of my lockscreen showing LG as my carrier on the SIM icon.

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  2. JGrosstephanJR

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    Try A PRL Update.
  3. millar43068

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    yea update prl profile everything
  4. bg4m3r

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    First thing I did after the flash, and a few more times now. Still says my carrier is LG, but everything works just fine.
  5. LUMtnHwk

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    I also have everything saying LG.

    I don't hate it, it's just an odd outcome.
  6. bg4m3r

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    I do like that it never installed MobileID, Scout, or the other Boost bloat... I don't think it even installed BoostZone! Lol
  7. donjuro

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    Then we're gonna need that to create a debloated rom
  8. bg4m3r

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    Well, all I've removed from the system is the Lumen toolbar and the Google apps that can be reinstalled from the store except GoogleTTS and Play services framework. Everything else that I'm not using I've just disabled.
  9. sammyz

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    I've seen different results with flash tool as well on my old L9 by changing the bit rate speed in device manager. The radio was flashed such a way that I had phone only has 2G and 4G though.

    Sorry, derailing, but um......IS THAT A TARDIS?!?!?! :D

    August 23rd, can't wait. Ok, sorry. Bye :dalek:
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  10. bg4m3r

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    Yes, yes it is. Lockscreen is the doors, and my homescreen is the control room. The phone is also named TARDIS. :) I have screenshots posted in the screenshot thread.

    Looking forward to the new season. Would like to go see the premiere in the theater, but I can't afford the ridiculous ticket price. :/
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