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Support Weird happenings with bluetooth.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by flying dog, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. flying dog

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    Oct 12, 2010

    Oct 12, 2010
    When I first got the phone things were good. Though the ammount of bluetooth use was small.

    It hooked up to my GPS quite nicely so I have handsfree while driving.

    No worries.

    However: One day I tried to bluetooth a file to someone else with a desire, and the phone started to cycle booting.
    I later realised that we hadn't paired the two phones, only scanned and seen them, but not actually PAIRED them.

    Only when I actually turned it off then back on, did it behave.

    Didn't put any thought to it.

    Now, I am trying to push files from it to other things. It is doing the same.
    These devices ARE paired to it.

    One device is another phone. It has bluetooth but when I say "send via bluetooth" different things happen.
    1 - it sees the device from the list and starts a "three stage" thing where it connects, initiates a slow 1 - 30 step sliding bar going across the screen then says it can't do it.
    2 - it reboots and hangs. To get the phone working, I have to let it re-boot and put in my pin, then the phone is only partly working. I have to turn it off then on again and all is ok.

    In the way of bluetooth stuff I have:
    bluetooth file transfere (app)
    ASTRO file manager
    OI file manager.

    Irrispective of which I use I see the common screen where I see a list of devices and can select the one I want.

    I have tried a laptop with bluetooth - obviously - and get the same results happening.

    I am only trying to "push" the file. With the bluetooth file transfere program I can "scan" the remote machine, but the same thing happens and the phone just reboots.

    I don't think it is anything "wrong" with the phone, just me not setting something - or the deivce to which I am doing it doesn't like it. It just seems strange that both a phone and a laptop yield the same result.


    Oh, I am only using android 2.1
    It is a HTC Desire. Locked. New - maybe a month old.




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