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Weird issue with phone - cant get my sim cards to work

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gabpalves, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. gabpalves

    gabpalves Lurker
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    Hi everyone! I'd like to know if anybody here could give me tips on what else i could do to try to solve my problem.

    TL;DR: Had to make a very long, distance call one day, and got my sim blocked by the carrier (suspicious activity, they said). Asked for it to be unlocked dozens of times, to no avail. Got new sim cards twice, as they said the problem would be with it - didn't help either. Factory reset my phone: same results. New sim chip bought again: same thing.

    Now, the weird part: the carrier (TIM - I'm from Brazil) says my phone could be incompatible with their frequencies. Not true, because it was working - so is any other SIM card from this same carrier. I've tried a couple times with friend's chips from TIM and they all worked flawlessly. Any other chips from any other brazilian carrier will work either. My SIM chips, when inserted into any other phone (tried with iPhones, Nokia C2's, 4th gen Moto G...) will always work either. It's only an issue when i put MY SIM chips into MY phone (Moto Maxx/Droid Turbo XT1225). I've gotten to the point where i'm considering changing the carrier - because i'll not buy a new phone simply because of them.

    Help! :)

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  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    What you're describing it sounds like the phone might be MEID, IMEI or ESN blacklisted by the carriers. AFAIK a Droid Turbo was originally supplied by Verizon in the US. The Droid marque is exclusive to Verizon. It could be there's outstanding monies owed to them, like a defaulted contract that was associated with that Droid, or might be was reported stolen or missing. Where did you buy the phone from in Brazil?
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  3. gabpalves

    gabpalves Lurker
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    Oh, i think that may be the case then. But weirdly, as i said, any other sim chips from my carrier will work.
    It's not really a Droid Turbo. I bought it in Brazil where it's been sold under the name "Moto Maxx" (model XT1225). Not sure if there's any hardware difference though. And i got it straight from another brazilian carrier, so it really isn't an american model.
    I read somewhere once that there is some "modem-related resets" that could be done to fix this. Can't find the link anymore... Do you know anything about it?
    Oh, and i forgot to mention that, for some time, only the internet worked - when i opened the sim status config screen, i remember seeing something like "out of service" in one parameter and something else in the other. I could surf the web but not make any calls. After trying to get another sim card, i lost this "functionality"

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