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Weird problem with new TF201. Please help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by action2096, May 18, 2013.

  1. action2096

    action2096 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi Guys,

    I just purchased a Prime 201 and it is driving me crazy already !

    After getting home i switched it on and let it go through the standard setup routine. As part of this process it downloaded and installed a firmware update. After this had completed i attempted to start using it and instantly starting getting a weird problem.

    The device picks up my wireless network without any problem but thats when the problems start. For whatever reason i can't browse to certain web sites or download anything from the play store. Below is a summary of what i have found so far.

    1. Gmail works fine and i can send and receive email
    2. I can connect to certain web sites like cnn.com, microsoft.com or cnet.com
    3. I can connect to the play store but when i attempt to download anything it just seems to go forever and the download never starts
    4. I cannot connect to google.com or a number of other web sites. It just times out

    I have looked through a few forum posts and have seen reported issues with the play store but cannot for the life of me understand why i can't even get to google.com or other web sites !!

    I've tried a series of cold resets, erasing the data & clearing the cache from the apps setting for play store but nothing seems to work. I also tried a cold reset and selecting the RCK option but then i just get the android robot error (red exclamation mark)

    I have made no mods whatsoever and this is a straight out of the box configuration plus the automatic firmware update. In settings it reports the andriod version as being 4.1.1 and the build number as JR003C.WW_epad-

    Any ideas would be appreciated as this is driving me crazy


  2. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Android Expert

    Was this purchased new, used, or refurbished?

    Can you visit those sites using other devices on your network, like a phone, or another tablet?

    Can you visit those sites when you are using a different WiFi network?

    As for the Play Store, can you access the Play Store on a different WiFi network? If yes, try installing the Chrome browser, Firefox Browser, or Dolphin browser to see if you can use one or more of those to visit those sites.

    Go in to settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store and hit "Clear Data". Then try Play Store again.

    What country are you located in? Can you access the play store from your phone (if you have one)?

    Lastly, go to the Play store in the web browser on your computer. Log in, and then find an app you want to install, and which is compatible with your tablet (maybe try installing Chrome this way). Then install it to your tablet from the web page. See if it will install on your tablet that way.

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