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Weird scratch on the camera

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dominik Světlík, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Dominik Světlík

    Thread Starter


    I found a little imperfection on this amazing device and it is driving me nuts :)

    Inside the camera (not on the lense) there is a visible "scratch" that does NOT affect photos in any way but it is there and I would love to know why. Im pretty sure its not dust because the line (even though not on the attached photo) is rather straight and visible only under certain angles and light conditions.

    I can propably use my warranty and get a new device but I don't think it is necessary. I would rather learn why the scratch is there, if there is possibility that it will affect photos in the future and if it can harm the device in any other way. Then I will move on and enjoy my phone as much as I did before I found this little flaw. :)

    Thank you!



  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    What actually is that with the blue surround that the red arrow is pointing at? Looks like a third camera lens? Is it part of the case?

    This is an Asus Zenfone 5 without case, and there's nothing in that position.
    Only has the two cameras, LED flash and fingerprint scanner. And on yours those two cameras look clean and clear.
  3. Dannydet

    Dannydet Extreme Android User

    If it shows up in your photos then yes, it should be under your warranty and let them replace it. Why go through the trouble of how or why. Only you can make the decision
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  4. Dominik Světlík

    Thread Starter

    What do you mean? It is just the zoomed picture of the camera.
  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Oh, it's just been edited and inserted into the image, didn't realise that. :D To me it appeared to be something on the back of the phone.

    Could be a particle of dust or a mark. May not get any worse, but if you're not happy about it, maybe get it exchanged.
  6. Dominik Světlík

    Thread Starter

    It looks kinda confusing, I have to admit that :) My warranty lasts for two more years so I guess I'm going to wait for a bit longer and if it gets any worse or noticible, exchange will be inevitable.
  7. KBU2

    KBU2 Android Expert

    Looks to me as if you or someone had been a tad ruff on the device at some point and Scared the lens a bit. Putting phones in pockets or purses with other objects can cause such imperfections on a cell phone lens.
  8. Dominik Světlík

    Thread Starter

    That is really not the case. I'm extra careful with my devices and phone is no exception. I've never put it in the pocket with other objects, never dropped it or do damage in any other way. Also - the "scratch" is under the protecting glass not on it.
  9. KBU2

    KBU2 Android Expert

    :thinking: Ok there's two options you can take to resolve this issue. One is you can purchase a cellphone tool kit and manually replace the defective part yourself or Check your warranty and see if it can be replaced that way. But if it was a software issue you were having with that device, you could get an unbelievable amount of help here in Android Forums. Oops my bad maybe three options you can also take it to your nearest authorized dealer and see can they fix that issue for you.
  10. Dominik Světlík

    Thread Starter

    Thank you for your help :)

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