Weird Screen Marks


Every time my screen goes black with the back light on, I see weird splotches randomly scattered. Is this normal marks for screen or should i exchange it? They aren't visible when there are normal things on the screen.


Android Enthusiast
This, unfortunately, is normal. I don't see how or why it is normal, but it is. I just replaced(they sent a refurbished like new device) my MAXX due to this. I didn't just have black spots. I had streaks. And that I could live with cause you don't see them all that often. But my screen had another defect. The whole right side from top to bottom was dingy, the colors looked dirty. And on the left side, nice and bright. They swapped it with no questions asked. No master resets and waiting for something to happen again. Just ok, sorry sir, we'll get you another phone. Thanks. I got my new one. There are still black spots(not as many as the other one) but the colors are great. If you aren't happy with your phone and it is under warranty, call Verizon and tell them(kindly) what is wrong and what you would like done. If they say no, kindly say thank you. Hang up. Call right back. You will eventually get someone who will help you.