Weird short duration static like noise from camera len area


Hello all. I haven't received any feedback so far. Not sure if it's due to the way I originally described my possible issue. I attempted to rewrite my original post and hopefully it's clearer, if any this time. Thanks.

By the way, per AT&T Tech support, if a hard reset doesn't eliminate the noise, they can do send me a replacement, ie a certified Note 5. Understand a certified one can be a used one. Yikes.

P.S. Couldn't revise the title of my post for better title.

*******revised post******

I am hearing a strange noise coming from the back camera lens area. This happens when I launch the Home Depot application and try to use the scanner (to do a price check on a UPC bar code). The scanner view is initially blur and at that point i hear the strange sound. It short and it sounds like a grinding noise. Wonder if it's a possible mechanical issue with the lens as it tries to either focus as the camera is engaging the stabilization function. Appreciate any help.
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So now it looks like the strange noise happens when the camera is trying to focus. It got worse since my last posting. However it doesn't happen all the time. Think I'll do a phone exchange.