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weird sleep issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Doctorsti, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Doctorsti

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    I noticed that twice in the last three days I was scrolling through home screens and the phone would just go to sleep. One time I woke it up by pressing the home button and slide to unlock I was missing a contact widget on the main home page. Next time I used the power button on top to wake it and slide to unlock and my home screen widgets appeared slowly one by one, over like a 4-5 second time frame.

    I mentioned it to the verizon sales staff today when I bought a case but should I actually call customer service and is this something I should pursue a replacement for so I can save myself down the road.

    Only other weird things I had was it wouldn't sync my home wifi, no matter how many times I typed in the right password for about 2 days. Then yesterday for no reason at all I tried one more time in frustration and it worked. I also had an issue calling one time where I am sure I hit the button to call home and the screen changed but it never placed the call and went back to the home screen. I attempted the call a second time and it was fine and has been every other time.

    No I wasn't holding my hand or fingers near the top of the phone when the screen went blank both times I was doing the Iphone death grip.

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