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Weird SMS issue

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Saheim, Mar 29, 2016.

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    Greetings all!

    Not sure if I put this in the right section. Partly because I honestly do not know if it is an issue with my OS, Carrier, or Hardware.

    I have a Note 5, my wife has a Note 3 (both on ATT). Neither device is rooted, both are running stock ROM and we are both (currently) using the native messaging app.

    My wife's handset is actually Note 3 number FIVE. Her first one was damaged and EVERY insurance replacement up until the fourth one was defective.

    Her original Note 3 was damaged but also developed a weird quirk - it would not receive texts from my mother's phone (all on the same ATT account). It received msg's from everyonelse, just not that particular number.

    Fast forward to Note 3 number 5 - it has stopped receiving texts from MY number (Note 5 also on ATT). I will sit with both phones, send texts from one to the other. Texts make it from my wife's Note 3 to my Note 5 but will NOT make it from my Note 5 to her Note 3. I send texts to every other number, without issue.

    I've checked in every setting I can think of and do not see any type of "block" on my number.


    Thanks :)

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