Weird stuff at HTC support update coming?


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So I've been trying to download the latest Sync for HTC, so I can wipe my phone back to stock (currently running Joey Krim's HTC ROM), and at first the download was insanely slow, like dial-up speeds, I rebooted my pc and went back, and now the link to download Sync is completely gone.

Is it possible that a new Sync application is being released, along with an updated Sense ROM? Has anyone heard anything?

Nope, they've just release Sync 3.55 for all HTC phones. EVO is found under the NAM section:


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I was gonna say, they just released a new version... :). That being said, I can confirm that you're not going crazy. I just tried to download the version you get to via the Evo support site, and it started downloading at 8 Kb/s... No idea what's up, but the new version downloaded nice and fast.


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Why bother? It is not a true 2 way sync, your contacts won't upload from the phone to pc so it is useless, unless there is something new to this update but I did not see anything to that effect.

I have relinquished myself to the fact that I have to use Google to keep my contacts synced and at this point I wouldn't change unless Microsoft actually releases Outlook for Android.