Jan 30, 2015
Hi all - so on my device when vivid mode is on, skin tones look really yellow, unnatural/pale and make people look jaundiced. But if I minimise the app in the recent app window, or if I put the app in splitscreen, or if I put the app in pop up view, the skin tones look totally normal. But as soon as I full screen the app, the colours quickly change and the skin tones look horrible again. It happens on most apps (Facebook, Chrome, Messenger and the Gallery) but doesnt happen on Reddit, colours on Reddit look great. It doesn't happen in natural mode or when eye comfort is turned on either, only in vivid.

I uploaded a video of it happening here, watch in landscape and 720p: https://youtu.be/2xrsaZ3-fXo
It actually looks even worse on my device in real life than the video was able to capture.

Does this happen on your device? It drives me nuts looking at people's faces on the phone because they look so unnatural and its annoying seeing the colours change when I switch between apps. I don't understand why this is happening - any ideas?
I would stop using vivid mode, then.

It is going to be less noticible (if the mode remains on at all) when the app is minimized, split screened, or using pop up display because you are not using a large screen to view media.

Most apps like FB and the like use lots of compression and other tech to make videos and other media as compact as possible.
This is going to have a detrimental effect on quality.
Vivid mode is probably designed for media that is much better quality.

You say it is also bad when using your Gallery.

Have you an idea of the quality of the media you have tried?

Perhaps downloading something at the highest quality your device can reproduce, and then trying it again with vivid mode and the others can tell if this is the answer.
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As stated, why are you still using vivid mode to begin with?
All it does is hyper color your display in full screen.
I find it to be a useless option anyway
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