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Weirdo issue with YouTube installation

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by rootabaga, Mar 2, 2016.

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    Not that Youtube isn't already weird, but...

    My old sd card was getting flaky, so I ordered a new one (one of the high-volume ones designed for lots of IO). I don't think it matters, but the phone is an LG F3, rooted, standard rom.

    Did the partition thing and copied over my data to the FAT32 partition, put the card in the phone and fired it up. All working great, reinstalling apps, linking them with Link2SD...until I try to reinstall Youtube (yes, it was installed and running fine before).

    The phone downloads it just fine, then begins the installation and well into the process, it stops and reports that there isn't enough room. Clearly there is, as I've installed several more apps after it, some quite a bit larger (why is the Starbucks app 96MB after installation?!?!?!). On a whim I installed Youtube Music and that went fine. Of course since I'm linking most of them there is indeed a ton of room. The App Manager shows 719MB free on the internal sd, so more than half, and Task Manager shows 300MB free RAM. I have also restarted the phone to be sure any temp usage is flushed.

    I also tried copying the apk directly to the sd card and then installing it from there, with the same result.

    This isn't really a showstopper, since the screen is so small watching youtube videos is pretty much useless, so at this point I'm simply more curious than anything else.

    Has anyone else run into this? Does anyone have any ideas? My only guess is that there is some memory space that youtube wants to use during the install that is already in use, but I don't know how I could find that out.

    Thanks for any insight...


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