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Welcome to Jelly Bean - Rooting

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bkttk2, May 19, 2013.

  1. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    **As with any guidance provided you assume all risk using the information. You always run the risk of bricking your phone. All information provided by myself and the below forum members is given as guidance only.**

    If you are wanting to return to ICS stock please see second post.

    Following, which is similar to info posted by tyler1998 should allow all to root:

    This is not fully my work but is guidance obtained from comments by ShabbyPenguin in the Galaxy Rush forum and communications with xInterlopeRx.

    You will need:


    Samsung drivers

    Reverb Clockworkmod Recovery CWMT- for JB



    Once you have obtained the above files and the OTA Jelly Bean Update procede with the following steps.

    1. Install the Samsung drivers
    2. Install Odin
    2. Plug in the phone and wait for the drivers to finish installing
    3. Place the SU zip and Busybox zip files on your sd-card
    4. Power off the device.
    5. Put the device in Download mode by pressing VOL-DN then Power. Hold until a choice menu appears
    6. Push volume up to chose Download Mode
    7. Fire up Odin.
    8. Chose the recovery .tar file using the PDA slot option
    9. Uncheck "Auto-Reboot"
    10. Chose "Start"
    11. When Odin is done, unplug the phone.
    12. Remove the battery
    13. Replace the battery
    14. Press Vol-Up then Power until the words "Booting into recovery" appear in the upper left corner
    15. You should now have the CWM recovery installed

    Note if you are unable to access the CWM recovery or reboot prior to battery pull you will need to start over again. The auto-reboot places stock recovery.

    16. In recovery select flash install zip from sdcard
    17. Select busybox zip file then when that is complete select SU zip file
    18. Once completed reboot phone.

    You should now have root.

    Major thanks to xInterlopeRx!! He has helped a lot with this phone and he does not even own it.

    Also want to thank mrg666 for working to provide a universal custom recover!!

  2. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This information is for those that do not yet have JellyBean or those looking to revert back to ICS.

    Okay some of this info has previously been posted I am only trying to make a single thread to help others.

    All information is courtesy of the identified forum members.

    **As with any guidance provided you assume all risk using the information. You always run the risk of bricking your phone. All information provided by myself and the below forum members is given as guidance only.**

    To return phone to ICS stock see comments by soxtober05:

    Return to ICS stock

    Once you are back to stock you should be able to use Kies to update your phone to latest Samsung Firmware. You will then need to wait for the OTA update or try to force the update

    Force OTA update

    If you want to force the update go to application manager>all>google service frameworks>clear data>force stop and then check for updates again, and it should (should) push the update.


    If you were previously rooted you can follow the following information by tyler1998:

    Return to root after Jelly Bean Update


  3. soxtober05

    soxtober05 Android Enthusiast

    1st 3 links are dead, bro; lead to a 404 not found error
  4. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks. Hopefully I fixed them.
  5. soxtober05

    soxtober05 Android Enthusiast

    All good now!
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  6. johncatman

    johncatman Lurker

    Worked like a charm, thanks man :D
  7. Gilbster

    Gilbster Lurker

    I recieved the OTA update, but after I tried to install it it went to CWM and failed. Do I have to get rid of CWM to install Jellybean?
  8. davidmargolin

    davidmargolin Android Expert

    yep.... use odin to get the stock recovery... stock recovery tar can be found in cwm thread
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  9. sanjuro77

    sanjuro77 Android Enthusiast

    Awesome, I'm now jB rooted!
  10. Tighe

    Tighe Newbie

    Thanks for posting this! Dang rerooting is much more complicated than it was on ICS.
  11. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    For now yes. But hey at least we have root!
  12. Tighe

    Tighe Newbie

    Yes, which is very important! :D Thanks again! I haven't done it yet, I will report back once I do.
  13. KOAM

    KOAM Well-Known Member

    Worked perfectly. Thanks!
  14. sheureka

    sheureka Newbie

    I just get this in Odin - <OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0). I can go into recovery and follow the rest of the steps, but I'm not getting root. What's going wrong? - sheureka
  15. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Are you using the test8 tar with Odin? Be sure to uncheck reboot and pull battery. Ensure you go straight to recovery after placing battery back in. You need to install both busybox and su from the cwm recovery. Keep at it and you should get root.
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  16. sheureka

    sheureka Newbie

    Five fails and a pass! I think it may have been a bad USB cord.
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  17. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The usb chord appears to have relevance with the Samsung phones. I have noticed many threads indicating issues were solved by simply using the specific USB cable that was supplied with the phone.
    Glad you figured things out!
  18. Hey guys! Well sorry if this is real stupid but I unrooted my phone to get the mb3 baseband to install and then the jellybean update ota. I had never had cwm recovery installed so its pretty much as is but I still get an error 7 or something like that an fail every time I try to update the md3 baseband would it b e better if I just re root install cwm an then install the backup in another rom? Or this method? And will I lose all my data on my internal/external memory cards? Or is that not the case? Sorry for so many questions and thanks in advance I appreciate it!
  19. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So you rooted your phone at one point. Did you ever modify it while you were rooted? With this I mean did you delete and or freeze any bloatware?

    You will not lose data on your external card but will on your internal if you factory reset or try to install the zip file you referenced above.

    You might try using either titanium backup or mybackup to backup to your external SD card any data/settings you are concerned about.

    Do you currently have the full MB3 update?
  20. Yes I had tried to install google now usin superboys method but was never sucessful so I think I may have changed some libs. I still have them on my computer backed up though if thats the case so could I just file transfer things such as pictures onto my external and factory reset the phone in order to get the update? Or do you think I'll still get the error 7 message because of the possible lib changes? No I don't well everytime the mb3 tries to update I get the error 7 failed and if I try to install it from the external sd card it says error because of an e signature verification
  21. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Not sure of the backup you have but here are my comments. I am assuming that you did not install the MB3 baseband patch which is good. Some that only updated the baseband instead of the full update have had issues.

    Remember back up everything of importance prior to attempting these steps.

    You may need to reroot your phone.

    Missing libs is what is currently causing your error msg.

    Are you familar with Kies? First step I would suggest is using Kies to see if it recognizes your phone properly. If it does then using Kies update to the latest firmware. Not sure if you will get the MB3 or JB firmware.

    Here is some quick info on its use.


    If Kies will not properly recognize your phone for firmware update then post back and we will try another route.
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  22. soxtober05

    soxtober05 Android Enthusiast

    I'm in, man! JB 4.1.2 & rooted!!! :party:
  23. Bkttk2 you're the man!!!!! Im now runnin jellybean and its amazing! I cant thank you enough!!!!!!!!
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  24. greasemonky

    greasemonky Well-Known Member

    I have busybox pro, would I be able to follow this steps then uninstall busybox and install busybox pro?
  25. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Think you should be able to. The method outlined pushes both busybox and su to system files. I have su pro and have had no issues. I installed su pro after root.
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