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well just recieved 6th Like New and..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by baa269, May 26, 2010.

  1. mplevy

    mplevy Android Expert

    I'm on only my second, the first one wouldn't take the 2.1 update and that was the ONLY problem. I got mine about 2 weeks after launch. No dust under the screen, audio quality is fine.

    I agree that 5-6 replacements is too many before Verizon gives you a NEW one. I thought they had a policy regarding that, that if you had to have your device replaced more than 3 times they would offer a new one of that model or credit towards purchase of a different model.

    For those complaining about the refurb vs. new on warranty replacements, READ YOUR WARRANTY. It specifically states "repair or replace at mfr. discretion" and keep this in mind, are you giving them a new one in place of the one they give you? No, you give them a USED phone that they then have to fix, did you really think they THROW OUT the phones that are returned as bad? NO, they fix them and use them as replacements for those that fail, what else did you think they do with them?. FYI, when my Droid was replaced, the tech said that only the circuitry was original (to keep the ESN), the case and all associated parts were new and that appeared to be the case.

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  2. pax323

    pax323 Lurker

    I have had 2 droids since my initial sign up on Verizon this March. I had them send me a replacement, (this being my third phone) and sold it to my son who besides it having a little bit of issues with calls is totally in love with it.

    I have just ordered an Eris and I am hoping not to have any issues with it other than usual phone quirks.

    I do have to agree with others that state when we buy brand new phones and pay the insurance on them, then we should get a brand new phone. Not a refurb. Otherwise why are we paying for insurance? Especially when its not our fault the phone is having issues, and its not user error?
  3. potatolover1102

    potatolover1102 Android Enthusiast

    Ok insurance only covers physical damage and is not being used for these replacements, the one year manufacturer warranty is so your not to these at all and therefore do not get a new one. Also how could you take such a downgrade in both hardware and software. I mean froyo is almost here with flash and many other things an now you want to get a phone that will probably never get the new updates.
  4. ladybadger2007

    ladybadger2007 Well-Known Member

    I too went thru 7 droids. A couple of which I never actually left with (brand New) because they woldn't even activate. I ahd the proximity sensor problem, the crackling problem, each one had a different problem. I finally got Cust serv to give me an early upgrade and guess what phone I got, yep a brand new shiny Motorola Droid. So far (knock on wood) this one is working good. I still randomly get my email, but I have decided to live with having to go in and request it to deliver my email. I am self employed and this phone is my office. But I believe the phone has potential, and I love the phone. I don't abuse my phones. But I do expect it to work like advertised. At one point( r U sitting down) I had a tech tell me don't download any apps. Hello is that not what the whole add campaign is all about? And I only had a couple like handcent,solotaire, ATK it wasn't like I had 500 or anything. So take that as u will.
  5. irregularjoe

    irregularjoe Newbie

    Oh. So therefore we should assume that the manufacturer has built "acceptable failure" into it's pricing model?
  6. TheGr81

    TheGr81 Well-Known Member

    Replacing phones under warrenty with refurbished phones is built into the pricing model. It would cost WAY more to give out a brand new phone for every warrenty replacement and you can be sure that the extra cost would be passed down to the consumer. Nothing is free and no good company is going to decrease their income.
  7. jungajuice

    jungajuice Newbie

    When I did a warranty claim, they gave me a refurb the first time with the test sheet. I found three or four things wrong with it in the first couple minutes out of the box. I called immediately and they sent me a new phone the second time (with charger, sd card, etc.)
  8. Kirch21

    Kirch21 Android Enthusiast

    my fifth one is coming in tommorow, about tired of them sending me "certified like new" phones that are broken when i get them....

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