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Well. That's it. R.I.P. zmax pro.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by xyourxhighnessx, Jun 25, 2017.

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    Well it finally happened. My xzmax pro doesn't work anymore.its had a faulty touchscreen for a long time now and 2 days ago the entire screen stopped responding to touch completely. I can't even turn the device off. At best I can unlock it with my fingerprint, restart it (holding power button down), and the home, recents, back button work.

    That's it.

    So now I'm on a fossil of a loaner. LG g stylo 1

    I have a OnePlus 5 on the way in the mail but I'm already second guessing it. Unless the camera is amazing beyond belief i may just send it back and get an older flagship like the 6P or 3T or something.

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  2. Nothing wrong with an OG stylo, unless you need GPS and you can stomach the gritty screen rez lol.... I still have two of them and two Stylo 2, the OG stylo is faster and more stable than the 2 and the zmax pro.

    I lost hope after getting check-mated by ZTE and DM verity. Don't think it's gonna happen with this phone. In fact, I lost hope with Android altogether with Marshmallow and Nougat, went blackberry 10. Only way to get a solid android is to spend over 500. Nope lol

    Just grab a 6P, you'll be more than happy with it.
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  3. If you want something durable don't get the 6p it can break pretty easily
  4. Deleted User

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    Actually the ZTE Axon 7 is pretty good (and is rootable) and cost around 400 USD and there are other high end phones at mid range price too. OnePlus 5, Huawei Honor 9 to name a few
  5. Deleted User

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    Try to get the ZTE Axon 7 (not mini) and you'll be happy. I was when i moved from the ZMax Pro to the Axon 7
  6. After a couple of updates I was happy with the Zmax pro performance wise, even without the root. My reason for getting rid of it was lack of NFC, size (way too big), and mediocre camera. Otherwise, it's a beautifully designed device.
    I needed a device that is rugged, between 4.5-5' display, NFC a must (tap/pay), PTT compatible, loud and is not skimped on sensors. T-mobile started selling the Kyocera DuraForce Pro, so I bought it.
    Great phone. Loaded with every sensor you could possibly ever need, solid, great feel, 1080p display, dual underwater cameras, 6ft water resistance rating, and deafening front stereo loudspeakers. $425 brand new, there isn't a phone out there with the same features for that price. My only gripe is that the phone is a bit heavy.

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