Well The Deal Is Done..Thanks To The Verizon C/S Agent Here

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novacane (OFWGKTA)
I do not mean this in a demeaning manner so mods please don't take offense, but what was the point of this thread?


Dude wernt you getting bashed in another thread you started.. HA HA, now you start another. Get a life son.....Mods might as well lock this one like the other.


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I was meaning more of the back roads car breaks down type of situation, and really I do hope it works out for you. Verizon IMO is worth the bad customer service. I have had run ins with them too.


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I guess it makes me feel special that I've had nothing but excellent customer service with Verizon for my FiOS TV, Home Phone, Internet, and Cell Service. :)

Good luck leaving the #1 cellular provider for the #3


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then GTFO already go troll some other board

Now what is the point of this post other than to show your total lack of intelligence. Your Mother raised you like this? What a big tough man you are... Ive told you this before at Crackberry.com And I'll say it again here. GROW UP SWEETIE.
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