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Well today is the day, Hopefully ;)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by shotgunfool, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. shotgunfool

    shotgunfool Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    As all the posts are announcing, 16th april is knocking, and i for one am eagerly awaiting the 2.1 upgrade, hopefully it should sort my wifi issue too. not that i use it too much anyway because i always get hspda in my area ;)

    What do you all think, Released within the next 24 hours or still going to be pushed back?

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  2. lekky

    lekky Lover

    Well I was so hoping for tomorrow. Remember tho, pushed back is the wrong term ,they never said it was going to be the 16th!
  3. shotgunfool

    shotgunfool Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Well, you know what i mean though ;) released later than all the roumoured posts
  4. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

    So what dates have HTC ever announced, other than the first half of 2010? There's been a billion different supposed dates and I'm wondering what we know officially.

    (I don't think these random emails to customer service people count, I mean proper, official announcements).
  5. andy d

    andy d Android Enthusiast

    Dont hold your breath.
  6. StevenChap

    StevenChap Well-Known Member

    I hope its today :O
  7. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

  8. Xavier

    Xavier Well-Known Member

    Not to piss on anyone's bonfire (inc mine) but Ive spoken to a chappy in our devices team yesterday and he informed me that the update is due to be pushed out towards the end of April... Baring in mind this is Orange UK, so for other networks it could be sooner.. :(
  9. ButchersBoy

    ButchersBoy Newbie

    Dang! I was expecting today and then I read this thread :(

    I feel like Christmas has been delayed.
  10. Xavier

    Xavier Well-Known Member

    Likewise! It'll be worth the wait though right?
  11. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    Fingers crossed :D
  12. pdrhan

    pdrhan Member

    Still nothing happened.... :-(
  13. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    You guys don't learn, all the threads in the past months have pointed towards the end of April, the 16th was only ever a rumour....

    In the immortal words of Radiohead... " You do it to yourself, you do "
  14. Barretta

    Barretta Member

    Well according to the various responses from the HTC Support team I understood that the date is not one and only. There will be several releases starting from april 16th for russian, nordic and east europe, then west europe (end of april)... But then again this is only a piecing together from what I've read on the forums - people asking HTC and posting their reply.

    Dear Mr. (erased),
    Thank you for contacting us,
    Regarding your request, kindly be informed that the Android 2.1 upgrade for the HTC Hero is scheduled to be released on the 16th of April for the handsets with the following Roms: Nordic/Greek/RUS/UKR/SA
    Rom upgrades for other devices will follow shortly.
    Please note that you can contact us via support line. For further details, please go to http://www.htc.com/europe/CA_Hotline.aspx, you'll find a toll free number that you can dial only from a landline.
    Best Regards,
    HTC Team
  15. vjprakashbe

    vjprakashbe Well-Known Member

    Barretta likes this.
  16. Zedinc

    Zedinc Lurker

    Pfft... This is getting ridiculous... :p
  17. Barretta

    Barretta Member

    Outrageous... They just couldn't declare that earlier... no... they have to do it in the last second... and what about their "technical support"?? I suggest a mass hara-kiri :D
  18. D-Noc

    D-Noc Newbie

    I hate to be a party-pooper..
    ..but quite frankly I am beginning to doubt the 2.1 update will ever come.
    I for one am sick and tired of getting my hopes up for nothing time and time again. Yes I know most hope-raisers were based on rumors, but given the information HTC provides us with, rumors are gold :thinking:

    Face it: HTC sells phones not android! They don't care about how much we whine and wish for updates. We already bought their hardware with the android version that were state of the art when released. Why should they do more?

    They know they rule the Android marked (for now), so we can't force them to do anything.
    This of course also gives me the right to say that this most probably is the first and only HTC phone I will ever buy.

    My hopes is that by the time my Hero is ready to be replaced, a new company is ready to sell me a plain vanilla android phone, instead of this whole SenseUI thing.
    ..but I doubt it :cool:
  19. andy d

    andy d Android Enthusiast

    I'm not surprised or disappointed that the upgrade did not arrive today.
    After all Ive heard the same old song being sung since December.
  20. JimR123

    JimR123 Well-Known Member

    I think the latest official-ish rumour is that the update will be rolled out "starting at the end of April".

    That's based on emails that folks have claimed that HTC have sent to them.

    Funnily, I read a report that said everybody will have it by the end of April at the latest, and then they included a copy of one such email, clearly stating, "starting at the end of April". Seems quite clear to me that what that means is, "it's not coming out until end of April / beginning of May, at the earliest".

    Just goes to show, even when HTC sort of announce something, rumour makers still manage to lie to us. Not suprising they just keep things to themselves.
  21. Barretta

    Barretta Member

    Obviously the statements of the tech support team mean n-o-t-h-i-n-g at all. If something can be derived from the Russian HTC Twitter, that will be something like this: "Don't trust the support. We don't have a fix date. We never had. If we had, we would've posted in in the official press. But we haven't. And we won't. Stay calm, the update will come..."

    EDIT: I say we start betting for the *actual* release date and make some rumors ourselves (they will be as good as any of 'em). I suggest the following dates:

    - End of April
    - Beggining of May
    - End of May
    - This Summer. "Right after" the iPhone OS 4.
    - August. For a "Happy birthday 1-year-old Hero"
    - This Fall. Exclusively
    - For Christmas

    EDIT: Deeply sorry :D
    - Never

  22. D-Noc

    D-Noc Newbie

    you forgot one option: NEVER! :cool:
  23. nomnompie

    nomnompie Well-Known Member

    Think of it this way... if 2.1 will be the last update for the Hero, I'd rather they took the time to make sure everything worked the way it should, otherwise we get a 2.1 update that's broken and we all cry for a 2.1b update lol.
  24. D-Noc

    D-Noc Newbie

    Rest assured that IF the Hero ever gets updated, the choir of Hero owners will start chanting "we want an android 2.x update for the Hero" when future android updates surface :D
  25. amnesia

    amnesia Member

    Has anyone asked what YEAR they meant when HTC said 'in April' ?

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