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Welsh language support

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by mrjohnc, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. mrjohnc

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    I run a Wikipedia project in Wales, it's called Monmouthpedia and it's the first Wikipedia project to cover a whole town, you can find out more at monmouthpedia.org.

    We are use qrpedia codes, a kind of qr code that senses your phone's language and takes you to a Wikipedia article in your phone's language so you only need one code to link to all languages.

    We have a lot of articles in Welsh but no phones currently support Welsh (well there's one but it's rubbish). We are looking at how we can add Welsh language support to android, we can supply the translation. Welsh is the oldest living language in Europe and have around 450,000 speakers so I can see this being well used.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated



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  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    If anyone is interested in adding Welsh to Android, this is a probable place to start.
    Os oes gan rywun ddiddordeb mewn ychwanegu Cymru i Android, mae hwn yn debygol lle i ddechrau.
    Localization | Android Developers
  3. dclh2016

    dclh2016 Lurker

    I want my phone in Welsh! I am Welsh, I speak Welsh, I live in Wales so my phone should be in Welsh. Atleast give us the option. Apple iPhone is now available in Welsh.
  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Apple iOS actually work in Welsh now does it, out of the box? Not a third-party add-on or just keyboard and spelling support for the language.

    "Apple iOS mewn gwirionedd yn gweithio yn y Gymraeg erbyn hyn mae'n ei, allan o'r bocs? Nid yw trydydd parti yn ychwanegu-ar neu dim ond bysellfwrdd a sillafu gefnogaeth i'r iaith." ...courtesy of google.cn ;)

    Microsoft Windows works in Welsh because of pressure on Microsoft by the government and Welsh users, but most of the translation work was done by the University of Bangor, rather than Microsoft. GNU/Linux has Welsh provided by the community and academics. Apple OS X doesn't have Welsh though.

    There is this, as I previously posted.
    But someone has to make it happen and/or do the work, e.g. University of Bangor or Google etc., or a change of law is required, e.g. Welsh Language Act 1993 needs updating.

    Android comes with Catalan language support, which is a minority language spoken in some parts of France and Spain. Android has it because of legislation in those countries AFAIK.

    I'm in Inner Mongolia, a province of China. Here Mongolian is spoken, written and read by 5.8 million people. All public signage must be bilingual, and is compulsory in schools. Microsoft Windows supports Mongolian, but not many other operating systems do, Android doesn't natively and neither does iOS, but there are third-party apps and keyboards for it. BTW I'm talking about Traditional Mongolian, not Cyrillic(Russian) Mongolian, which is used in Mongolia. Although where I am, Android has English(United States) and Chinese(Simplified & Traditional), nothing else. Which is often a problem for non-English speakers who buy cheap phones on the internet.
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  5. Ben Davies

    Ben Davies Lurker

    I know this an old thread but if any body's still trying to get a Welsh keyboard that allows ŵ and ŷ, you can try SwiftKey keyboard. It also has predictive texting in Welsh
  6. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    I believe Google Keyboard also has Welsh as well now.

    Unlike my Oppp phone....
    no welsh.jpg

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