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Went from DROID to Nokia N900...may end up with Milestone?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by colnago, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. colnago

    colnago Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I enjoyed the (2) DROIDs that I had, for the two weeks that I had them. This board was a great source of info, and I hope I was able to help a few people along the way. The phone would have been "almost" perfect for me (no international or simultaneous voice/data for work purposes) once full Flash support and some sort of Sling/HAVA support was available. However the poor reception issues were enough for me to return them. I went with the DROID spur-of-the-moment, once I decided to upgrade my FIOS internet into a VZ "tripple play", mainly for the discount. I was coming from AT&T and a Motorola Q, which suited me fine, however I was looking for a larger screen, and a "better" browsing experience.

    On paper, the N900 has it all, including TV Out and full Flash support now. I was worried that it was going to be way too big, based on web pics, but its actually a little shorter than the DROID and my Q, while being only a little thicker. I also thought I wouldn't like the resistive screen, especially coming from the responsive DROID, but I find the 900 to be much more forgiving, slightly more accurate (in that I can use fingernails) but more importantly, more forgiving. I'm not accidentally "bumping" open links and apps as with the DRIOD, though I do notice the slight loss in size/pixels. The DROID would do well to have this keyboard...FWIW. Keys are individual, separated, and raised, not unlike a PC, but they are really flat...maybe a mm thick...enough said.

    Flash sites work...for the most part. Hulu.com, and all other Flash sites, load without any errors, and is displayed just like on PCs, but playback for some streaming media has issues. For Hulu, videos play, but frame rate is only 1fp "5 seconds", while audio plays back normally. I tried playing the same show from Sling's beta site (I thought would be a workaround for SlingMobile software, but no go even w/ Firefox support) and the same show (Modern Family) played video back a "little" faster. I'm wondering if its a network issue as its being linked from another site. I'll try going to abc.com directly. With XM radio's site, pages load up fine (yeah! no more Skyfire) but the radio player itself, Windows Media Player, can't be played by the 900's player...so in a nutshell, you get flash, but may not get all the embedded goodies.

    Going thru the phone's native tools and settings, I miss a lot of what the DROID had to offer out of the box, such as the battery/signal monitors, and the system widgets. One cool thing is that the Wifi radio has an adjustable power setting so that if you're close to the AP, you can save battery. For the most part though, the 900 is slightly more stable and bug free, with its native apps. No issues with email... so far, but I haven't done too many advanced tasks. What is nice is the "windows" and the ability to kill apps "from the apps"...unfortunately, there aren't many to use. :eek:

    Out of the box, the 900 has more to offer as an "all-in-one", including full SIP client support, but that's where it ends. Need to "find" something? No contest for obvious reasons. While maps and NAV are built in (w/night mode) I think DROID has the edge in presentation, while 900 may have a few more "options/settings"...but not many. The phone works almost entirely in landscape mode, but it is cool that you can turn it to portrait with your hand, and it auto opens the "phone" dialer. I think a few people were looking for some sort of "notification (email, SMS) pop-ups", similar to their BBerries...the 900 has it natively. Just setting the phone up was more "fun" with the DROID, and seems like there is more that you can configure. My first few calls on the "Edge (2.5G) network seemed to have really low volume levels, which was really disappointing, but media playback was much louder...need to wait for T-Mo 3G card for comparison. Reception however is not an issue at all. On

    It seems like since the update, a lot of new "issues" have arisen...both hardware and software. Though I wonder if its just coincidence as more people join the board, there is a larger sample of "what's out there". I think there are some known issues with the 900 but if you're looking for an alternative, take these observations FWIW. Network could be a big detriment as it only works "fully" with T-Mo. But decent coverage in my area, and voice/data for $39/mo, is hard to pass up for me. I still may wind up with the Milestone, as they are now available at expansys-usa.com, just because with the apps, and google provided functionality, the DROID has much more to offer. The Milestone just give you the global roaming, and what I'm thinking better network connectivity, just due to the inherent signal types and the DROID's ability to manage them. But if you need just the basics (web, email, text, phone) it feels like the 900 is more "ready for production" than the DROID.

    Hope this was useful.

    p.s/ - I do not get the "typing lag" when posting to this forum w/900 where the DROID did/does.

    p.p.s. -The 900 also has a multi-colored notification LED, which is configurable, but not to assign colors based on type...only on/off for given notifier.

    p.p.p.s. - Oh yeah, the "sliding camera cover" is cool as it activates the camera when opened.

    p.p.p.p.s. - Forgot that the "mouse pointer" is nice as well.

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  2. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Android Expert

    After my horrible experience with the N97 I would never own a Nokia device again. I feel they deceived buyers by launching the N97 in light of the timing of the N900. I think honestly that Motorola is a more customer driven less self inflated company. I have very high hopes for the Android/Motorola/Verizon liaison.
  3. droidism

    droidism Member

    Maybe I overlooked this in your post but what is the OS on the N900?
  4. droidism

    droidism Member

  5. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Android Expert

    The N900 runs Maemo (Linux). It has been evolving over the past 3 years on Nokia Internet Tablet devices. This is the first shot at a phone functionality.
  6. colnago

    colnago Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    N900 runs Maemo 5...newish, which explains lack of apps. However basics are well covered. The only thing I couldn't mimic on 900, found on the Droid, is the LED flashlight, and the Talk To Me app., along with the stupid amount of google search tools.

    As far as Motorola, I've only had them as cell devices, the DROID being my 6th. IMHO, the Nokia e71 (not AT&T's neutered e71x) is a beast.
  7. droidism

    droidism Member

    Thanks rjoudrey! Mmmm I never heard of it but I am aware of the million linux flavors that are out there. From watching the video the OS looks very responsive and the transition between screens is impressive as well. Although i dont have a problem with the keyboard on the Droid, I can see why some people think the keyboard is a bit cramped. From the looks of it, the N900 also got hit with the cramped keyboard stick.
  8. i. austin

    i. austin Newbie

    Maemo OS. Nokia's Internet tablet OS
  9. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Android Expert

    One great phone does not equal a great company. I believe the attention to detail and quality on Nokia devices have waned recently.

    I happen to like the search functions on the Droid and consider it a good reason for keeping it.
  10. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Android Expert

    I have found the best way to find out about a device is to look at the forums and not the fanboy sites. I frequented nokiausers.net and the complaints were about so many basic things as a Droid owner now, I can only think back and laugh. Boy am I happy I dumped that N97.
  11. droidism

    droidism Member

    Funny you mention that because I have noticed the same. Yes, the Droid forum has a fair share of complainers but most seem to be from folks who are unfamiliar with Linux flavored OS's and how they work or basic functionality of smart phones in general. Unlike the Samsung Instinct, Palm Pre, and various HTC forums I use to belong to where complaining was the norm instead of the exception.
  12. johflo88

    johflo88 Well-Known Member

    Basically we're all looking for the that ELUSIVE phones that have iphone, droid, htc passion, htc hd2, nokia n900 and samsung.......and the best data coverage all in one.Now that's a Perfect phone and when you found it,please let me know. Btw,I too,have a cheap piece of swamp land in Flolida to sell you.
  13. colnago

    colnago Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    ^^^ I'm not sure what you're getting at about the swamp opportunity, but what's perfect for one person, may not be perfect for another. After 2 days with the 900, I thought to myself, "this is all it has to offer?", and started to miss the Droid. But then I realized that aside from the search tools native to the Droid and "more apps", the 900 did everything I set my Droid up for (except flashlight)...not a big app user. Others have returned the 900 for just that reason alone...just depends on what you're looking for.

    As it stands, UPS has my 900 as its on its way back for RMA. USB receptacle came loose from circuit board. Thought I could solder in back on, but other chips/housings in the way on one side. Even if I could get in back on, the case nor any other supports available to hold it in place. There is something that sits "over it" but nothing to help keep it there. Conversly, I've manhandled my Q for the past 2 year and its still as good as new.
  14. fuzzuy

    fuzzuy Newbie

    I think i am about to join you here :) as I just sold my N97 over the week end after 3 warranty reapirs and one completeley phone replacement from Nokia problems where same so I am looking for Milestone or N900 i like N900 but problem here that in canada it won't get 3g Connection as where I am presently here only three bigs are here and none of those has 3G data on 1700Mhz freq so I am kind of stuck with Milestone any advice for any other better phone ??
  15. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Android Expert

    I can tell you I am still impressed with my Droid. I have it rooted with DroidRom 1.0 running at 1ghz and all the bells and whistles software from N1. I would go with the android phone/provider that gives you good 3G connectivity. If, the Internet, which is so important to these phones is important to you.
  16. colnago

    colnago Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    "Better" is relative. I'd be perfectly happy w/the 900, as it meets "my" needs, save for Sling/HAVA support (important to "me"), and loud call volume. I'd go w/Milestone (Canadian version for NA 3G support), simply because it will have HAVA support for Android starting in March, but then I'd have to continue w/AT&T, and give up my $43/mo. unlimited voice/data on T-Mobile's 7Mb network.

    I'll pass on HTC's offerings, for now, as the TP2 exhibited questionable reception "in the AT&T store", where my Moto Q lives on full bars 3G on AT&T throughout the Northeast.

    Right now, I'm trying to see if someone in the maemo community is willing to work on porting the Sling/HAVA app over to Maemo, or wait until Qt is finished, and possibly the Symbian version will work under the unified Nokia OS. Other than that I'm in a holding pattern until something "which meets all my needs" is released.

    FWIW, the successor to the 900 may be out by year's end, and have greater app support (all Symbian apps under maemo6/Meego), 1GHz processor, capacitive screen, et al, but no keyboard.
  17. talvi

    talvi Member

    Hi all,

    What thoughts for the N900 and Nokia future offerings that now after all the promises Maemo is officially dead and buried??

    rjoudrey wrote:
    I can't help agreeing about Nokia, but didn't Verizon castrated the Milestone to force users to use Skype via their data carrier plans rather than on WiFi??

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