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Went from iPhone 4 to HTC Rezound

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by xMoKax, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. xMoKax

    xMoKax Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I just traded my iPhone 4 for the HTC Rezound, and I love it.

    4.3'' screen, 720p display, higher ppi than the iPhone 4, 4G speeds, customization, widgets, beats headphones, and ICS (Whenever it's released).

    As much as I love this phone, I have no idea how to do anything to it.

    I haven't synced it to my computer, but I'm not even sure if it will Sync. The battery on the phone died before I got a chance to get home.

    I have an iMac, so I don't know if it'll sync my iTunes music library to it.

    Besides that, I don't know how to root/ROM the phone with an iMac.

    I don't even know what Root means.

    I know that there is a Simple tutorial stickied above, but the instructions look really confusing to me. I don't even know if the stuff that you want me to download is even compatible with OSX.

    All I really want to do, is remove the bloatware on my phone, and understand how to install new software (ICS) or a ROM or ROOT, whatever it means.

    Anyway, does anyone have any tips or thoughts on this?

    P.s. My only complaint on the phone so far is the battery life, are extended batteries expensive?

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  2. olbriar


    Welcome to the other side of the coin. I hope you enjoy the Rez. I think you made a great choice. Rooting a phone is gaining permission to access the root directory structure of the phone... or hidden files. The Rom is exactly that.. Read Only Memory. It's basically the nuts and bolts that tells the phone how to behave. Once you've gained root access a different ROM than the one installed can be installed.
    This in most cases voids any warranty however. Many feel it is well worth any risk involved and there are those that are happy with the phone as it is. If you have root questions or concerns, you should ask them in the root area. The users there know all about what you will be up against and will be glad to help you in any fashion.
    As for battery life and extended batteries... you might want to read through the sticky Official Accessory Thread above. You should find opinions and even some prices on extended batteries there. Best of luck and welcome to the Rezound area.
  3. xMoKax

    xMoKax Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, I got a few questions though if you can help answer them, that'll be great.

    1. Is it normal that the light turns off on the 4 buttons at the bottom of the phone? Sometimes it's on, sometimes it's off. I read somewhere that it's like that to conserve battery life or something.

    2. When I bring down Notifications, and click on Quick Settings, and click on Total Memory it says that I have 817 MB of Memory, and from that, Used: 657 MB and Free: 160 MB. But I have no applications running. Is this normal?

    3. How do I resize widgets? I placed the YouTube widget on my phone, but it's just a bar. I'm trying to resize it, so it can be half the page (or maybe the entire page), but it's not working. Am I doing it wrong?

    These are just the questions I got for now, I'll probably have a little more later.

    EDIT: I got another question.

    4. How do I put music, photos, and videos from my iMac to my HTC Rezound?

    For the music, I had to buy an app called iSyncr for Mac ($2.99) to sync my music. Do I have to buy an app to sync my Photos and Movies to my phone also?

    Lastely, for some reason, it said that I have 10.65 GB of Storage space. It's supposed to be 16GB of Built In Storage, so why do I have so little? I can't figure out what it is that it taking up space for me to delete.

    Also, the phone comes with 16GB SD storage, right? How much would it cost to upgrade to 32GB SD?
  4. Colchicine

    Colchicine Android Expert

    There is a light sensor at the top of the phone that will turn on and off those red buttons. Although they don't seem to be as consistent on the Rezound, it is a neat feature.

    Yes, these are computers, and computers will be using memory even when doing nothing. And chances are, you really do have apps running. Goto menu>settings>applications>running to see. AND DON'T WORRY about what you see there.

    Just because widgets are resizable, doesn't mean ALL widgets can be resized. In this case, the widget itself doesn't support resizing, but you can certainly find others that can be.

    Have no clue. iTunes alone is responsible for me never adopting an Apple product, going back to 2003.

    Again, this is a computer, and the OS requires space.

    Whatever is the market price you are willing to pay. That's the neat thing about a non-Apple, you can upgrade your memory anyway you like.
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  5. schimm

    schimm Android Enthusiast

    Isyncr and isyncr wifi will allow you to sync with iTunes wirelessly. Though it will not do DRM .

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  6. dmunz

    dmunz Well-Known Member

    You can also use doubleTwist and its version of WiFi sync. So far I've used it and it plays nicely with iTunes. It will not acces purchased content though. (Mostly a problem if you have bought videos.)

  7. Kane5581

    Kane5581 Well-Known Member

    Read and play. There is a steep learning curve to android but once you get it you will never look back. You will be flashing roms in a month unless you give up and settle. Personally I would recommend a spare standard battery and a standalone battery charger over a bulky extended battery. If you are like me you carry the headphones around in the case anyway and an extra battery fits perfectly in there with your headphones.

    Xda developers forum is probably a easier resource to learn from than here.
  8. xMoKax

    xMoKax Newbie
    Thread Starter

    For some reason, iSyncr is only syncing my music, and not my videos.

    I'm also having a hard time with DoubleTwist. When I click on videos, it doesn't show the movies on my iTunes.

    There has to be an easier way to do this.
  9. gloriousnumber1

    gloriousnumber1 Android Expert

    One little cool tip, in case you didn't know, is that the Rezound does screen shots if you lightly press the power button, and while holding it, touch the home button.
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  10. zazan

    zazan Android Enthusiast

    Just a thought. Since you are new to the android world I suggest that you play around for awhile before going to root. Get to know the HTC interface and become familiar with the system, then you will have a better feel for why you want to root if you still do want to root.

    Some folks just want total control and others (I include myself here) just want to get rid of all the verizon crap. However I actually find most of the HTC stuff useful and what is not is easily fixed by available apps on the market. If we get ICS soon then that may be a time to consider root after you try that UI.

    Compared to the iphone you have so many choice that it may take you some time to explore them, enjoy.
  11. Colchicine

    Colchicine Android Expert

    I don't get that part. The power button has to be depressed for this to work. There is no halfway point like on a camera shutter button.
  12. gloriousnumber1

    gloriousnumber1 Android Expert

    True. I guess what I meant was, if I press it as firmly and quickly as I do to wake up the screen, it goes dark before I am able to touch the home button. I just go easy on it.
  13. Colchicine

    Colchicine Android Expert

    The trick is to press and hold the power button, not press and release. You just have to hit the home button before the Power Down screen pops up.
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  14. colornshape

    colornshape Android Enthusiast

    I've not tried this with an Apple computer, but Android phones can simply be plugged into a computer and treated as a removable storage device. Just drag and drop, copy and paste, etc the files to and fro as you please.

    I would recommend you just subscribe to rdio and never bother with buying individual songs or albums again. $10/month for unlimited access to their large library, and the Android app is decent.

    Welcome. You have taken your first step into larger world.

  15. imparables

    imparables Newbie

    You can download an app called android pro widget (free), which has a fb widget you can resize, among other useful widgets within the app.
  16. vzwtwindad

    vzwtwindad Lurker

    We have a cool website at VZW, www.vzw.com/workshops on the left are online workshops, there is one for the Rezound as well as a few android general ones. Dig in and discover. Also check with your local store for in store classes. I just upgrade to rezound and am loving it so far. Went from eris to revolution, and am loving having HTC back.

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