What’s a good phone for my mother that you can install a podcast app?

My mother is 91yo. Her vision is OK, she’s hard of hearing. I’ve got headphones with 3.5mm jack that she likes, so I’m looking for:

- An easy to use phone. better if it has big buttons or is easy to use.

- I’d set up a few contacts she needs (just 10 contacts or so).

- That you can install a podcast app, as she likes a particular podcast.

- I’d plug a wired headphone she likes with 3.5 mm jack.

- I’d insert her SIM card, I’m a tech myself, so I can do it.

That’s all, she needs no camera, nothing else needed.

She’s in Madrid (Spain).

Any recommendation much appreciated.


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Most podcasts can be accessed with a good browser instead of apps.

Generally, this uses less data and is more secure.
Simply load up the podcast, and save it as a bookmark.
When the browser is open, a touch of this bookmark will load up the podcast (or the site for it).

Also, this browser can be set up so that the podcast site is the homepage, so that it loads as soon as the browser is opened.

I have years of experience with this browser, and there are multiple other versions if you desire options not included in the original (dark mode, etc.)

Also, there are apps available to make phones easier to use for those with diminished sight.

The first link is for the browser, Lightning.
The second link is for a launcher specifically designed to make modern devices more accessible for the older generations among us.



These should work fine on any modern Android device.

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You shouldn't need a high spec phone.

Budget devices like the Motorola E series and from Nokia are very good, and some come with a slimmer version of the Android 11 OS, called (Android 11) Go Edition which might suit.