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What About the $30 Mobile Hot Spot Fee?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mamiamjo, May 30, 2010.

  1. mamiamjo

    mamiamjo Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    OK, not a question about the $10 premium data fee (I promise).

    My question is, if I bought an EVO and wanted the mobile hot spot feature (at least until I'm comfortable rooting the EVO), they would charge me an additional $29.99.
    Can I cancel only that feature (and the $29.99 charge) at any time even though I'm tied into a two year contract?

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  2. RedsGT

    RedsGT Well-Known Member

  3. evoq

    evoq Newbie

    If you are in a 4G area, it is free until July. Plenty of time to try and decide whether you want to sign up.

    Stores open early June 4th for EVO 4G with mobile hotspot loophole -- Engadget
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  4. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    in fact, you can just activate it when you want and then cancel it. it will just prorate the charges
  5. 9th Ward

    9th Ward Newbie

    Will the NVP discount be applied to the 29.99 charge? Ex: 25% off of 29.99 = $22.50
  6. mrk

    mrk Android Enthusiast

  7. ImmaSlave4U

    ImmaSlave4U Android Enthusiast

    Yes, you most likely will be able to cancel the hotspot add-on. I'd double check with Sprint.

    Not sure what NVP is, but discounts are not usually appilicable to add-on services.
  8. Caloy

    Caloy Android Expert

  9. firemanjay

    firemanjay Member

    I think you will get the discount.......I have a 23% discount from SPRINT and with my plan i use the SFL (sprint family locater) which costs $5.00
    and on my bill there is a line just below the one that has the charge for the service of SFL that says employee discount $1.15
    as well as discounts on all the other breakdowns of the service.
    so i would think that that will be discounted as well.
  10. 9th Ward

    9th Ward Newbie

    NVP (National Volume Pricing) - The monthly percentage discount that one receives based on an employer or group associated with.
  11. 9th Ward

    9th Ward Newbie

    I also have a couple of $5 add ons on my phone line that receives 25% discounts, but my $59.99 data card does not receive the discount though... I have also read that the monthly $10 Own an Evo fee will not receive the discount, but I am really hoping that the discount will apply to the 29.99 hotspot fee.

    After all, the hot spot feature is just another service like SFL, texting or data add ons on other phone plans.
  12. ImmaSlave4U

    ImmaSlave4U Android Enthusiast

    My Sprint TV Xtra for $9.99 is not discounted. Neither is my $7 TEP insurance.
  13. 9th Ward

    9th Ward Newbie

    Total Equipment Protection (TEP) is provided by Asurion. It is not a Sprint service. That is why it is not disconted...
  14. Caloy

    Caloy Android Expert

    I wonder if they can come up with just an app that will charge you for the day. so $30 a month would almost equal a dollar a day. I wouldn't mind paying a dollar for a day of usage. That would probably add like 10 dollars for the whole year for me. :)
  15. ImmaSlave4U

    ImmaSlave4U Android Enthusiast

    Good point. And as for Sprint TV Xtra? Wonder why Family Locater c? Be discounted but not Xtra.
  16. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    it should...but I ive been hearing it wont and neither will the $10 evo tax

    all data cards are not eligible for NVP


    yes, exactly! sprint is awesome about that! in fact, you can log on yourself and drop the $30 add on online
  17. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    if you use that little of it...
    maybe a good solution for you and many others on this thread...

    load in a wifi teather application...there are many apps that can...
    it will act just like the Hotspot application, but FREE
  18. Caloy

    Caloy Android Expert

    Yeah, that's what I really plan to do. I'm just waiting for a stable 2.2 ROM to come out. :)
  19. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    is there a beginners guide to rooting? im still confused on what that means. Does this install some type of "generic" android OS without the sense UI? Sorry for the newb questions.

    I tried looking at the XDA site, but those guys are way too advanced for me
  20. Caloy

    Caloy Android Expert

    Presently there is no guide for the Evo yet. But give it a few weeks/months and chances are good that there will be 2.2 root coming out for the Evo. I would want to get a tested and stable ROM though, so I'll just wait for now.

    If you're interested in learning how to root, there is a guide (take note: NOT FOR THE EVO) for the Samsung Moment, which will give you an idea on how rooting is performed. Again, this is not for the Evo but for the Samsung Moment.

  21. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    If you root your phone, will it stay exactly the same? with the Sense UI and complete functionality? is it the same as "jailbreaking" an iphone?

    I want to be able to root my phone and add on a hotspot application to avoid the $30 fee, is this possible? Thank you.
  22. bunnymud

    bunnymud Well-Known Member

    Didn't Sprint say they would not block 3rd party tethering programs??
  23. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    I just can't see them allowing a free hotspot application when they want $30 from you...

    USB tether, maybe, but not the hotspot with up to 8 other connections
  24. Caloy

    Caloy Android Expert

    It would depend on the Developers ROM. Chances are, this early into the development, there would be vanilla Android only. Not sure though.

    If you just want tethering capabilities, you might just want to purchase a 3rd party app like pdanet. :)

    PdaNet -- USB Tether/Bluetooth DUN for Android
  25. stoli412

    stoli412 Member

    If you want just USB tethering, all indications are that you won't even have to buy PdaNet. The USB tether that's built into HTC Sense is enabled and working just fine....no extra monthly or one-time fees required.

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