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What About Xcover?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Functianalyst, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Functianalyst

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    I am so envious of Verizon users having the Gzone Commando, but not so envious to switch providers. I like T-Mobile. Where I live GSM provides a far better coverage. But I want a rugged android (emphasis on rugged first). So here are choices for GSM users wanting something equivalent to the Commando:

    Samsung Galaxy Xcover: Claims it will also carry the IP-67 rating, although I have not read where Samsung stands by the claim. It looks like I may be updating my current dumb phone (271 Xcover) to this if it comes to the US.

    Motorola Defy+: This is the reason I started checking the sites of the manufacturer. Everyone but Motorola claimed the ruggedness of the phone. What I continued to see in the original version are complaints that the phone stopped working after making calls in the rain. So until Motorola backs their phone, this to me is nothing but sales hype.

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Active: Okay, this just wreaks of a girly-girly phone and it would only be a far distant choice if T-Mobile picks it up.

    T-mobile seems to be anti-rugged, which is why I may have to ultimately concede going to another provider (hope it does not come to that). I must admit they do their best to make non-T-Mobile phones as compatible as possible. For that I thank them. But for now, can we just get a good rugged phone on the network and be done with it?

    I guess after saying all this, there is no evidence that Samsung Xcover2 will be coming to the USA anytime soon, if Defy+ will be compatible with T-Mobile (hard to see why it would not since it's still the same phone), and well I am still not sure about the Active.


  2. peterhe

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    look very good.
  3. Ed Curacao

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    I like the phone, have it over a month now. I'm a lot on the water sailing and will put the phone to extreme in the Caribbean here.

    Battery last only around a day, not a lot of memory and ram. but price is not bad, paid 209 Euro for the phone in Holland.

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