Jan 1, 2018
This is strange to ask but my fiance sent me a screen shot and I suddenly noticed this heart shaped icon. I tried to search it out online to see what it is but couldn't find it. Not wanting to jump to conclusions and accuse her I thought I would ask this forum. Any help would be very much we are due to be married in April...want to make sure I am not making a mistake.


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What phone is it? I ask because icons on the right hand side are generally system apps rather than user-installed, so it's likely to be a feature of that particular phone instead of something she's added. Does it have any software for health monitoring, or connecting to a fitness band, for example? I've not seen this icon myself, so it may be specific to a particular phone manufacturer or network.
Thank you all for your replies and insight...i did a search on Samsung icons shaped like a heart and found this link...turns out it's an icon for a sim card. I feel like an ass and I should have trusted her. I talked to her and told her about the link and apologized for assuming. She was understanding and lucky me she will still have me. Thanks again all.
Yea, it looked like some sort of dating app icon. I was in initially in shock or disbelief. I mean honestly why would use a heart? Then it kinda reminded me of Favorite icon, reminded me after the fact.
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I have the same problem. Can someone please tell me what this heart shaped icon is with 'love' wrote in it??
Are you British? Because there's an ITV show called "Love Island" screening at the moment which I know has a couple of associated apps, and I think it might be one of those (I don't watch it but it's hard not to have seen some of the branding, and the visual style of the word in that icon reminds me of it).