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General What Apps Are You Running??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Vildy, May 12, 2013.

  1. Vildy

    Vildy Active Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 2, 2012
    Birmingham Al
    Hope this is not out of line or goes against forum protocol but I have some spare time on my hand and thought I'd pose this question. I know everyone have different uses for their tablets, some more detailed and demanding than others but here's goes: The apps that I'm using:

    Mantano Reader Premium: Wow, for me, this really works. This has to be the numero uno of readers. I love everything about it. The tags, the highlights, the chapter layout, you can swipe up/down to change the brightness or darkness of the screen. The JB 4.2 upgrade totally hosed my stock reader "My Library". If not I would not have changed. That proved to be a blessing is disguise :D

    GoneMAD Music Player paired with Bass Booster Pro: Let's be honest with ourselves. This little butthurt, tinny sounding speaker that Asus stuck us with is pathetic. It needs all of the help that it can get and at the end of the day nothing can rise to the challenge..Bass Booster does gives it a Herculean effort. Even my iPhone 5 speakers blows my tablets speakers away at a modest setting.

    MX Player Pro: It's pretty straight forward. I like it better than the stock movie player. It support a multiplicity of coding and updated to work with JB 4.2. The one thing I like, you can swipe up/down to lighten/darken screen. It's a battery thing for me.

    Tablet AntiVirus Security Pro by AVG: Something that we all need. I have AVG on my PC and Laptop, so this was a natural move for me. I got a good deal from AVG as part of my security package.. Kinda like 3 for the price of one..I sometimes do online banking and shopping from my tablet.

    Root Explorer File Manager. No, I'm not rooted yet but this is a lot better than the stock file manager that come with the tablet. This little jewel can delved deeper into the files system where the stock file manager dread to go. When I do decide to root, I'll already have it.

    OfficeSuite Pro 7: I use this in conjunction with the documents I have in Microsoft Office (2013) on my PC/Laptop. I use it to write, view and change my Word docs, Excel spreadsheets and my Power Point slides.

    Dolphin Browser:It works for me. I have never taken to Chrome. Firefox is okay on my PC's. I have never experience a crash. I like the bookmark features. The voice search. It seems to be more touch screen friendlier to me.

    Adobe PDF Viewer: For me, this just gets the job down. I bought ezPDF Reader Multimedia PDF. But it just proved to be too sluggish for me when it came to rendering the pages. 6-7 seconds per page. Sure, the Adobe viewer is not wrapped up in ribbons and bows and Rodgers and Hammerstein like this and other PDF viewers but it's just like the blue collar man or woman who gets up every morning and put on the hardhat hit the clock and does a great job. There are no Imperial Heralds out front proclaiming it's virtues. It has to earn it on it's own merits. PLUS, it's free.

    I forgot to add Adobe Photoshop Touch which I use to to add effects, filters, background, etc. to my pics or movies. I don't have to load them to my PC or laptop to do it now

    My needs and use are a lot different than most and I have a few more odd and end apps but these are the one I use the most.

    Just wondering what everyone is use. I'm always on the lookout for something better..

    Thank you for your patience during my selfish indulgence.....Thomas


  2. Tylorw1

    Tylorw1 Well-Known Member

    Mar 9, 2013
    I use Mantano Reader Premium as well.
    Browser: For browsing, I use the stock browser and the Boat Browser. When you are unlocked, which most aren't, the stock browser screams faster then any other third party browser you can get.
    File Manager: I use ES File Manager. It works for root, networking, it does everything.
    Music Player: I use PowerAmp and MusiXmatch. I use PowerAmp because of all of its feature, and have MusiXmatch for its lyric capabilities.
    Video Player: For playing videos, I use Super Video and Dice Player. I use Super Video because it is a floating video player, you can make it smaller so you can browse the web and do other things while watching a music video or a movie. I use Dice Player because it supports many many formats, and works wonders when streaming things off a media server on your network.
    Office: I use the stock Polaris Office. Again when you are unlocked, the application is basically lag free and works really really well.
    Orientation: I use an app called Set Orientation that lets you control the orientation, comes in very handy.
    Forum: I use Tapatalk HD to surf forums suchs as Android Forums, TransformerForums, and XDA-Developers.
    Monitoring(root): I use Trickerster Mod. Now this app shows you all temps and such, but it has kernel controls which cannot be used while not unlocked and can mess up your tablet.


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