What Apps do you want?

I'm an app developer, so PLEASE let your ideas run loose :) thanks in advance guys, and hopefully i can make some of these :)


I spent hours looking for a file manager that inludes a tool for creating shortcuts to folders and apps, so that I can organize what is on my tablet's home screen. There's so much frilly stuff available and practically nothing for simply organizing files and desktop management. I'd be thrilled to see an Android shortcut icon creator that offers icons that don't look like they were created for a five year-old.


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I am new to this site so I have not looked at it yet
So thank you guys for all the ideas :)
Also, I am developing two apps:
An iris lock app that locks the phone and unlocks it when the irises are matched
A phone guard app that records the longitude and latitude of the phone and then emails it to you and when a drop is felt, it records it as a drop.
What do you guys think of these ideas?


share the love peeps ;)
Love the drop idea. Ive never heard of anythin like that.
Maybe sell that idea on to one of the bigger names coz theyll steal it anyway ;)
smartvolumecontrol I've been using this app without any problems. I really like being able to set schedules. I can decide who can wake me up when I'm sleeping. Set it so the phone vibrates at work but calls from school / kids will still ring. A profile for vibrate and low ring for when I'm out. Just what I needed!