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Oct 25, 2010
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I see some HDMI threads but none list the apps that can use the HDMI output.
Does anyone have a list or can name a few?

I dont have the cord yet but wanted to make sure it was worth getting. I have an iPad and bought the component cord and very few things work with it. Until the Netflix app came out, I had almost given up using it.


The native gallery ap will display 720p video and photos on the HDMI.

I will say that the HDMI output is VERY fussy about handshaking. Will not connect with a 6 month old Vizeo LCD or several of the projectors we have at the office.
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Make a shortcut to use it as an app. All videos on the site output via HDMI, faster than youtube, it has full length movies, and quality is far better than crackle or tv.com

The only problem is navigation sucks and you can't save favorites or que something for later.

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I haven't bought an HDMI cable yet either. How about NFL Mobile Live? Can that be outputted through the cable?
I see the HDMI output as a 1st gen gimmick. It's functionally useless on this phone, but that's okay.
I agree. I don't have the cord yet but once the NetFlix app is released and some others that can output the web browser, it will be nice.
I seen an app for the Droid x that basicly redirected anything that was on the screen to the HDMI out. Hopefully there is an evo version in the works too.
Just followed the Droidx link and the dev says he may take a look at the Evo in October or so. But, today the app is only for Droid-x.

I have used the HDMI just once, just to see it work. Until it supports other applications, such as the Citrix Receiver (for accessing your virtual Windows desktop), it is really just a lint collector for me.
I ordered one for a few bucks on Amazon. I'd be nice if I could just have it display whatever is on my phone onto the tv. It'd be neat to put Angry Birds up there or something.
Debating getting the NBA League Pass mobile for sprint. Can I use the hdmi output on my evo to stream on to my tv?