What are some good apps?

Hi I got my Samsung Galaxy S3 less then a week ago. I bought all the basic popular apps (Angry Birds, Wheres my Water, ect.) Are there any unknown good ones? Just wondering I'm new to Androids. Thanks!


...eschew obfuscation...
Are you looking for games or apps?

If you like Where's My Water, they also have Where's My Perry (based on Phineus and Pherb). I also like Symphony of Eternity which is similar in play to Final Fantasy. For apps I have purchased Tapatalk for forum use, Weatherbug Elite for well, weather, TuneIn for streaming radio. I have many other apps, just throwing a few out there.


highly recommend HD widgets for more clock/weather widgets and more if its games u are after maybe check out Ski Safari. tbh i could recommend loads it all just comes down to what kind of apps ur looking for