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Mar 16, 2010
BC, Canada
With summer almost apon us, I was thinking we could start to hear stories about people frying their phones. I know my Milestone gets a fairly warm using GPS in the car dock, ill have to keep an eye on the temps.

Are there any temperature sensors in the processor/phone? I haven't heard of any.
all electronics need to be kept at a good temperature. whether it has internal temperature gauges or not, just use some common sense. Say, for instance, not putting a $500 smartphone in a glove box in the summer.
Or in the glove box on a cold/cool day either it seems. haha

At least the phone does a check before turning on, I would like assume that it will turn off when it gets to hot as well. Anyone know?

@mrmojoz Hmm well I'm not rooted, but if I was... I would be using setCPU. Is there any good free apps that will show temps?