Help What are the sensors on the front?


What are the sensors on the front? Only 1 was on the Users Manual.

There are 2 next to each other on the top front left and 1 on the top front right which I believe is just an LED notification for VMs, Texts, and Missed Calls.

Is one the proximity sensor and one the camera flash sensor? Do they do anything else sensor wise?


According to what I found on a Google Search (I too was curious), one is a light sensor, the other is the proximity sensor.

I believe the light sensor is used for those using the auto-brightness?

Deep inside I am still hoping its a front camera surprise... It almost looks like the one on the EVO but it almost doesn't.


Android Expert
The dot to the right of the Verizon logo is the notification LED. The dot to the left is the light sensor and proximity sensor.