What are the top 5 Android Phone brands?

I can think of the top 3 as:

1: Samsung
2: HTC
3: LG

What in your opinion are the next 2?


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Top 5 in terms of profit, sales, or personal feelings about which are the brands you would look at first? I'm sure that Mike's right, that by most metrics that list will be mostly Chinese.

Personally I'd add Sony to the list: not much presence in the States, but I see a lot of them in the UK, and although the phone blogs have been praising Samsung for introducing IP ratings for flagships Sony were actually doing it well before them. And I do quite like their phones.

My instinct, perhaps informed by history, would be to include Motorola as 5th. The reason I hesitate is that they don't currently make any phone I'd personally buy: their higher-end models are all phablets, and as I keep my phones for several years I don't buy lower-end. But they produce some well-regarded low to mid range phones, and their modular system for their flagships makes sense to me technically, even if they could do with a few more mods to justify it.

For the rest, Huawei still don't quite feel there to me, though they now have a significant retail presence in the UK. One+ and Google (Pixel) are niche brands, despite the coverage they get. The reborn Nokia have yet to prove themselves, Blackberry have that "circling the drain" vibe, and the rest are mainly either bargin bucket or import-only (I've not used a phone warranty in decades, but don't want there to be any hassle if I need to).
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Oneplus were sponsoring the new Crystal Maze on Channel 4 this week.... so it looks like they are taking the step to being a mainstream UK brand (or at least trying to...)


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Aye, they are making a push, and have O2 offering their phone. But I'd still be surprised if the majority of the phone buying public have heard of them at all.